Glacial Hills Pathways


Support Bellaire's Only Fatbike Trails

Glacial Hills Trails encompass over 800 acres of forest land that is maintained and managed by the Friends of Glacial Hills. The board is made up of representation from Antrim County, Forest Home Township, the Village of Bellaire and the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy. 

In 2015, volunteers began grooming efforts at Glacial Hills, and their hard work has led to an ever-growing network of trails for winter time use. Supported by private donations, volunteers, and grooming badges, Glacial Hills has grown into a unmissable destination for fat bikers around the state. 



Winter Trail Etiquette 

The 2017/18 Winter Grooming for Glacial Hills will consist of multiple areas to encourage use and enjoyment for all visitors.

The Fatbike trail will be accessible from either the Main Vandermark trailhead or the Orchard Hill trailhead. We will have approximately 7.5 miles of groomed, flowy Glacial Hills awesomeness for your riding pleasure. 

We ask that Fatbikes adhere to the following etiquette;

●      Do not ride when conditions are too soft. If you are leaving a rut deeper than an inch, having a hard time riding in a straight line, or pushing your bike, the snow is too soft and you should not be riding on the trails.

●      Tires must be 3.7″ or bigger.

●      Tire Pressure: 4psi or less. Tire should “give” easily when you squeeze them. A pocket-sized electronic gauge is very helpful.

●      Temperature: Below 30 degrees. If it is above 30 degrees the trails are not suitable for biking.

●      Groups should spread across the skate lane so as not to create a rut by having many cyclists follow the exact same line.

In addition to the Fatbike trails, we will also be grooming 3.25mi of XC Ski trail on the North Orchard Hill trails, and 2.5mi of groomed foot trail from the Vandermark Lot. All other trails will remain UnGroomed and open for everything.

All Users please keep these rules in mind;

●      Do not walk on the Fatbike trail without Snowshoes. Foot/Boot traffic use Groomed Foot Path provided.

●      Dogs are not allowed on Fatbike or XC Ski trail.

●      Be an ambassador for your sport - be polite, educate other users, discourage bad behavior, follow the rules, support grooming, and we’ll all have a good time this winter.

●      Do not use trails when conditions are too soft. If you see you’re leaving ruts, the snow is too soft and you should not be on the trail.

●      If you must walk, walk off to the side of the trail as to not leave holes in trail.

How can you support our grooming efforts?

Please visit our webpage or FB Page to purchase a grooming badge, make a donation and see current trail conditions.