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Vasa Bike Park Expansion - Hagan's Hangout

Cody Sovis | Published on 10/27/2023

We're honoring a valued and dearly-missed community member as a part of planned Vasa Bike Park Expansion in 2024. The third phase of the project will see the creation of Hagan's Hangout, a "rideable memorial" to NMMBA volunteer, massive cycling advocate and Einstein Cycles co-owner Dave Hagan who passed this summer. 

Hagan's Hangout will share a small section of a new pumptrack located near the warming up at the Vasa Bike Park. The proposed track will have several rollers, steep banked turns, and a selection of tabletops and other features. It's a testament to Dave's long-time support of BMX in the area and his passion for mixing bikes, friends, and the outdoors. 

Making the Bike Park Even Better

That's just the beginning. The project includes an ambitious mix of jump lines and amenities to make the Vasa Bike Park the can't-miss destination northern Michigan deserves. This round of upgrades includes:

Priority 2: New Jump Line

Intermediate to Advanced jump line with higher start point, 5 large features, 850 feet new construction.

Priority 3: XC Improvements

Moving the climbing section to a more central location will significantly improve the XC loops. This will allow for the construction of new trails on the south side of the property along the state forest boundary, where there is the most elevation change. This will provide for a more efficient climb to the property's highest point, with three downhill options: two blue and one green.
In addition, many technical features can be retrofitted into the existing cross-country trail, with go-arounds for larger features, to enhance the variety of the bike park further. Inslopes will allow riders to maintain their speed throughout the XC trails. The existing XC trails provide a solid foundation for development. As with the pump track, access to the trails is excellent, with the added benefit of more durable soils in some areas. Soil blends will be used to create trail features and inslopes when necessary. We are excited to provide our avid mountain bikers a more enjoyable and challenging riding experience.

Help Us Make It Happen

The Vasa Bike Park has grown in leaps and bounds over the past several years. The rapid progress is due to the hard work of our volunteers and the generous donations of members and riders like you! Help us make Hagan's Hangout and the additional features happen.

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