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Board Meeting Minutes - August 2023

Cody Sovis | Published on 8/26/2023

NMMBA Board of Directors Meeting

Date and location: Wednesday, August 16th, 2023 Acme Twp Hall

Board present: Tim Reicha, Heath Day, Kim White, Mike Walters, Brian Pugh, Chad Schut, Chad Jordan, Brooke Ruble, Tim Jenema, and Kate White (by phone)

Board absent: Tom White, Michele Andrews and Steve Mentzer

Mission statement —> It is our mission to Envision, Build and Protect the mountain bike experience while respecting all forest users and uses.

Tim opened the meeting at 6:30 p.m.

July’s minutes were approved online

There were no public comments


Kim led the board through the financials.

Clarification on donations that arise to being considered a membership

Motion by Kim to include in kind donations of corresponding value as substitute for annual membership fee. Second by Heath, approved by all.

Herman Park pump track fundraising status

Chad confirmed that ~$3000 pump track expense shortfall to be covered from Bike Leelanau general fund.

General fund balance stood at $7885.35

Chapter reports:


NMMBA Fiesta:

Review and populate Fiesta Duties Spreadsheet

Insurance Binder listing the Department of Natural Resources 2122 S M-37 Traverse City MI 49685

Discuss TCTF award concept:  What information do we want on the TCTF race awards? Year and place with spaces to attach four years worth of badges

VST TREE: Vault restroom installation on Aug. 24th, 2023, prep work to be completed by Duane, Heath, TJ, and Brian Mon-Weds (TBD)

Current plan to build changing room this Fall, material quote $4,500 minus concrete

Phase 3 discussion, shared grooming barn with TART more centrally located in Vasa Land than Bartlett trailhead is the goal.

Vasa Single Track-Backcountry (VST-B) Trail Development Proposal

Review email & distribution list for “Letters of Support”

DNR request to submit proposal January 2024

Trail Forks TCTN Administrator: Brian Pugh

GT Commons update: Nothing new to report

Bike Leelanau:

Chad J. let the board know that the pump track was ultimately delivered to Herman Park after much confusion by the supplier and freight company attempting delivery at NMMBA’s mailing address at the Acme PO Box. A group of eager volunteers will be recruited to help assemble the pump track at Herman Park in Suttons Bay on Saturday, Aug 26. Contact to volunteer. Snacks will likely be provided.

Cadillac:No report

Glacial Hills

There have been 5 workdays since the last meeting, working mainly from Vandermark including trail bed work. The trails are in excellent condition. Bellaire Honor Society students will be here to volunteer on Thursday 9/21.

There is water at Vandermark! Well drilled, water tested and sign posted.

Invasives Species Update (Sue)

This year we have had 11 workdays to date. We have made significant progress on bull thistle and wild parsnip- removing mainly 1yr plants. The garlic mustard season is over removing 2nd year plants. We are now working on 1st year plants and barberry, as well as autumn olive in areas with limited sight lines.

Financials: June 2023 ending balance: $45,440.05

We now have 3 months of trail counter data available. Monthly totals for Glacial Hills in July were 10306 visitors. June totals were 5115 visits and May 8483.


Currently 82 registration which is really good with ~ 6 weeks until race day

Club Express settings to allow non  members to follow link to volunteer sign up? Continuing to troubleshoot.

Aid stations: CCCC long course aid station 3 people staffing (may have some leftovers from LHT). Kim to staff short course aid station at post 12 on VST.

Volunteer tasks/board roles

Heath led discussion of volunteer needs and sought commitments from board members for volunteer duties

TCTF $50 donors -> Members (if not already)? Yes, Kim will handle it.

Anyone have the ability and capacity to design an 11x17 TCTF poster to distribute to bike shops? Brooke volunteered, Tim will communicate poster needs, then have printed and coordinate distribution.

NMMBA/Shop Rides:

As reported by Chad Schut

July 22 NMMBA/Shop ride  with City Bike Shop did not happen (No reason given)

August 27 at 1pm from Eckhardt Road Lot  will be another NMMBA/Shop ride. BBQ (The Nest) provided for a donation to NMMBA or Glacial afterwards with some drinks from Short’s. Patrick will provide the artwork announcement then off to Cody for social media advertising

September ride is not confirmed, but Mclain Cycle and Wild Card have shown interest.  

New Business:

Iceman Expo

Socks and or extra Primal gear to sell? Budget? Tim R will research and present options to board

Sunfrog closed Outside Threads store. NMMBA does not currently have merchandise available through website, Tim R will explore merch options for in person events. Eg. TCTF, Iceman Expo

Big Brothers/Big Sisters connection:

Members as mentors? 

Possible social media promotion and newsletter post?

Table at TCTF? Yes, Kate to communicate with Krista

Potential DNR/Americorps service member invasive species prevention collaboration: See info below. Decided to include this info in next newsletter

Open Forum Discussion/chapter needs

Sept meeting: Wednesday Sept 13, 6:30pm Acme Township office

Invasive species info:


What is it? Riders can come from other regions, other states, or other countries. RIDE CLEAN

REPEAT is a program that is meant to make riders aware of invasive species and encourage

practices that prevent the spread of invasive species.

What is an invasive species? An invasive species is one that is not native and whose

introduction causes harm, or is likely to cause harm to Michigan's economy, environment, or

human health.

Why are invasive species an issue for bikers? Invasive species thrive in disturbed areas, like the

edges of trails. They are also usually very fast at growing and can often grow faster than they

can be managed, which can block sight of the trail, thus reducing safety, and wiggle room or

they can make the trail appear overgrown, and unmanaged. Some invasive species also contain

skin irritating chemicals that can cause a rash on your skin if riders are having repeated contact

with the plant.

Taking these 3 simple steps can help reduce the burden of invasive species:


Arrive and enjoy the designated trail with a clean bike that is free of mud or plant



After the ride, rinse your bike with water, or use compressed air to blow off any mud,

dust, or plant material you collected during the ride. Washing your bike in the cassette,

mud guards, forks, and tire treads are places where seeds could hitch a ride, they can be

smaller than a grain of sand. Brushing mud off your shoes and pants is important as



Ride the next trail knowing you’re not carrying any invasive species with you!

With that the meeting was adjourned at 8:05 p.m with ~30 minutes of pleasant conversation following the official close of the meeting.

Submitted by Tim Reicha, President (with a nod to the recovering Secretary, Steve Mentzer!)