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TART Smart Commute Week 2023: Let's Go!

Cody Sovis | Published on 5/20/2023

Every summer, our friends at Traverse Area Recreational Trails challenges all over Northern Michigan to go by bike. For nearly three decades, Smart Commute Week has promoted cycling, walking and alternative transportation, all of which will play an important role in our community.

Bike, Bus or By Any Means Necessary

Smart Commute Week is scheduled for June 5-9, with free breakfasts hosted by local organization each morning. Join with your office pals, your cycling buddies or register as an individual – everyone is welcome and encouraged!

Why It Matters

Walking, biking and alternative transportation like busing and carpools can reduce Traverse City’s traffic congestion and your household’s carbon footprint. It’s also a great way to make time to be active; rather than squeezing in physical activity when you can, riding or walking to work lets you balance what you need to do (get to work) with what you want to do (ride!).


Events like Smart Commute Week also play an important role in building community. Attending one or all of the free breakfasts introduces you to fellow cycling enthusiasts and active families. It’s an excellent way to put names to faces and make connections with truly wonderful people.

Beyond the Commute

There’s more to Smart Commute week than just getting to the office. Organizations like Cherry Capital Cycling Club, TART and BATA offer several other events throughout the week, including:


Getting Involved

You can stop by the breakfast events for free, no registration required – just smart commute. If you do want to sign up, it’s free! Join the Commuter Cup Challenge and compete with similarly-sized teams for prizes and bragging rights.