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Board Meeting Minutes - April 2023

Cody Sovis | Published on 5/7/2023

NMMBA Executive Board Meeting April 2023

Date and location: Wednesday, April 24th, 2023 Cherryland Accounting offices.

Board present: Tim Reicha II, Kim White, Brian Pugh and Steve Mentzer

Mission Statement -> It is our mission to Envision, Build and Protect the mountain bike experience while respecting all forest users and uses.

There were no guests.

Tim called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.


Discussion opened on making some changes to the NMMBA checking accounts.

Specifically combining the NMMBA and TC grooming accounts as one checking account to be opened separately from the general fund. They will remain as separate entries on the Grooming Program balance sheet.

With this change John Roe and Mike Walters would be designated as the signees on the new account

John Roe would be removed from the general fund account and Tim Reicha would be added.

A resolution on this action is forthcoming.

Next up was discussion on fundraising projects.

Tim led this discussion on the various projects slated for fundraising.

These included; Acme Bike Park expansion, Commons Bike Park, Hickory Hills, Vasa Singletrack trailhead and trail improvements, Glacial Hills Skills track and Westwoods Singletrack.

Total dollars needed for these projects comes in at ~$1.5 million dollars.

Glacial may be included as a Michigan Sparks grant they had applied for was not awarded.

Also in the works is a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Garfield Twp.

Other discussion on this topic centered on grant cycles.

A press release is in the works to announce this campaign.

Provemont Park Trail:

This trail is located on S. Popp road in Lake Leelanau.

Funding for this project was spearheaded by the Coburn Challenge.

Named for Dennis Coburn. A trail advocate.

There had been some inquiries as to the progress on this trail system.

Happy to report that monies raised were used to build a bridge across a creek for access to both sides of the riparian zone, Youthworks was hired and has reclaimed some existing trails and added new trail, and wayfinding signage, a trailhead kiosk and memorial plaque are being finalized.

These and other work were the result of work bees in 2022.

Additional amenities are being considered.

League of Michigan Cyclists:

LMB is sponsoring an Advocacy day in Lansing on May 2nd.

This is an opportunity for cycling groups from around the state to meet with their local legislators to discuss a variety of topics central to their region.


Will be held on Saturday, September 30th at Timber Ridge Resort.

Tim informed the board of updates regarding sponsor opportunities.

Sponsors already committed include:

Brick Wheels, Lume, Einstein Cycle, Max’s Service, Intrepid Cycling and Oneupweb 

Live music for the event will feature two bands and awards budgets were discussed as there will be 132 awards given out.

Tim will also seek two local food trucks/food vendors. Please contact if you know someone who is interested.

Race categories for the long(Pint) race will be Elite, Expert and Sport.

Categories for the short(½ Pint) race will be Sport, Beginner and Tour.

Norte will once again sponsor a balance bike race.

Community Partnerships:

Tim, Brian and Kate White attended this event which was held at Silver Spruce Brewery.

Also other attendees were there representing Norte, TART, LMB, CCCC and Groundworks Center.

These meetings are slated to be held twice a year to help further the cause of improving conditions for the bike community.

Glacial Hills Board Rep:

Tim informed the board that he will be stepping down as the Glacial Hills representative.

His replacement on the board and the new NMMBA rep is Brooke Ruble.

Brooke will be in attendance beginning with the June board meeting.

Last item on the agenda was in regards to the May 10th meeting.

With Tim being out of town, Brian will step in to lead that meeting which is being held at the Acme Twp. hall.

With that the meeting was adjourned at 7:40 p.m.

Submitted by

Steve Mentzer, secretary