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Grooming Report #6

John Roe | Published on 1/27/2023
Report: Report # 6

Date: 1/27/23

Time: 6:00am

NWS Forecast here.

Sorry about the silence yesterday for some reason the grooming report did not send.

Cadillac Pathway
Groomed Thursday afternoon the entire 12 miles. Reporting excellent conditions on the east side of Seeley rd. This is a first groom on the west side after we lost all our snow from the December “blizzard”. Reporting soft conditions. Next groom is Saturday morning (approximately 9am). We feel with another groom on the west side it should become firmer.

Saturday morning (7am) we plan to try and set track on XC ski trail.

Traverse City
Last groom was Wednesday night, I expect we will be grooming this afternoon and possibly again on Saturday morning. The snow is wet and setting up within a couple of hours so by 5pm today the riding should be spectacular. Heading into the weekend with fresh snow in the forecast the conditions should remain great and continue to build base.

Watch out for the Yeti!