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New Website and Membership Management System

Kim White, Treasurer | Published on 12/18/2022
Hello everyone!
I hope you find this new website easy to use, but if you have any issues at all, there are links at the bottom to reach out to us.
Starting on November 22, we imported our data into this new site, Club Express. Many of you were duplicated in our system. You received an email indicating you asked to be removed from our database. Obviously, since you LOVE getting those grooming reports and being a part of NMMBA's family, you did NOT ask to be removed ;-) 
Do not fear, you're still here!
On December 16 we flipped the switch and our old Squarespace website was turned off and the new one through Club Express was turned on. We know a lot of you absolutely got the notification for your new account with a Welcome Email as we saw a bit of activity in renewals.  Thank you!
One of the reasons (and there are many) we decided to migrate our website was because many of you did not realize your membership had expired. This new system, in our opinion, makes it easy.
One thing I encourage everyone to do is log in. There are items visible only if you log in! Your password was in the welcome email, but if you can't locate that email, then just request it to be reset.

We appreciate every single one of you!