2018 Groomer Appreciation Party


Well, it looks like a wrap on grooming for 2018! This winter has been a huge success, and we're celebrating the men and women who made it happen at Blue Tractor on Wednesday, March 14! 

When the snow started falling in the middle of December, we knew we were in for a good one. The 2017-2018 grooming season has had its highs and lows, warm-ups and deep freezes, but through it all, we enjoyed some of the best conditions we've seen in years. Through it all, groomers have been up at early hours, late hours, blizzards, frigid temperatures and everything else you can think of to give us a place to fat bike, ski, and snowshoe all winter long. 

Every year, we come together to thank those groomers while enjoying great food and a beer (or two). Join us at Blue Tractor on Wednesday, March 14 from 5:30-7:30 to celebrate groomers from all over Northern Michigan, including those who have spent their mornings on the Vasa Pathways and Winter Sports Singletrack. Last year, we had hundreds of trail users on hand to thank the volunteers, and you know it's going to be a ton of fun, too! 

Stay in the know by following the event updates on the Facebook event.