Iceman Course Design: Steve's Secret Bypass

If Steve’s Secret was already by-passed, does that make this a double by-pass?

Some of our most dedicated board members and volunteers were out the woods this weekend, but leaving their riding for Sunday. It was rather timely, too; the first really autumnal morning of the year, complete with the first blush of color in the spruce and oaks, made the morning’s work feel more like Iceman season than we’ve seen yet!

The day focused on cutting in roughly .4 miles of trail to bypass Steve’s Secret, a well-worn section of the Iceman Cometh Challenge course that has been in need of improvement for some time. It’s a section that the race has already spent time avoiding in previous editions of the race, perhaps most noticeably in 2015, the year after the incredibly wet and muddy Mudman race.

If you blocked that out of your memory banks, don’t worry. We called on super-domestiques Kyle Macdermaid and Dan Ellis, along with Tom White and Mike Walters, to get the new half-mile in shape for the up-coming pre-rides. The goal is to balance the terrain and conditions on the ground with the needs of such a big event. With 150-person waves starting just a few miles away, we have to expect a pretty steady steam of riders with very difference paces, so there’s plenty of room to pass for much of this fresh-cut section. Coming just after Dockery Road and before the Three Sisters, this is a crucial stretch in the race, and we expect plenty of folks will want to give it a look over the next month.

There’s a lot more work to do, but your support makes it possible! If you’re ready to check out the 2018 course before race day, make sure you join kolo t.c.’s Out’n’Back on October 13 at 9 am from Timber Ride. Not sure you’re ready for a full Out’n’Back? You can also join the MMBA Clinic that same day to learn some skills and take a look at the Slush Cup course. There will also be food from Keen Technical Solutions and a lot of great folks there to ride!

It’s awesome to see the mountain bike community already excited for Iceman, and we’re working hard to make every inch of the course not just nice for race day, but nice for the whole month of October!

Kicking Off The 'Off-Season' In Style: Friday Night Lights Ride and Fundraiser 11/17


No doubt you've heard about the next big thing you won't want to miss! On November 17, we're rolling into these short days and dark rides the only way we know how, with a lot of lights! Bring yourself, your bike, and your friends for our Friday Night Lights fundraiser at Brew! 

We'll leave Brew at 5:30 for a few laid-back laps behind the Commons before returning to Brew for some well-deserved refreshments. Thanks to Short's Brewing Company, we'll have two SBC's on tap, with 100% of proceeds going to support Michigan Mountain Bike Associations' efforts on our behalf in Lansing. MMBA is our voice at the highest level of state politics and plays a vital role in legislation dealing with trail access. We couldn't do what we do without that support, and we're doing our part to keep it going. 

We'll also have great raffle items and giveaways, so make sure you're there! 

Have you ridden the trails at night? It's a blast! Get yourself a decent light (450 lumens is a great place to start) and head out. Riding with a group at night is even more fun. You can typically see a little better from more headlights on the trail, but it ratchets up the fun factor by quite a bit, too! It's also very cool to look back and see a whole string of lights bouncing along through the trees. 

With short days, more and more of our rides in November, December, and January are in total darkness. We're so lucky to have trails to enjoy that keep our riding going year round, especially as that transitions over to immaculately groomed trails once the snow falls. 

For more about this event, make sure you RSVP on Facebook or feel free to email us with any questions. 


Join Your Local MMBA Chapter

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 10.27.29 AM.png

There have been some very cool updates over on the site that make it easier than ever to join your local chapter and support the trails! makes it easy to identify your local chapter, the trail systems they cover, and to join as a member. 80-90% of your membership dues stay right in your local chapter. That's right; the vast majority of funds stay right in here in Northern Michigan when you join Northern Michigan Mountain Bike Association! Your funds go towards trail maintenance, events, and equipment costs that support our efforts across our region. 

You can join NMMBA today by visiting and help us build, maintain, and protect the trails we love.