NMMBA Board of Directors Meeting - September

NMMBA Board of Directors Meeting

Date and location: Wednesday, September 11th, 2019 Keen loft

Board present: Chad Jordan, Tom White, Kim White, Mike Walters, John Roe, Michele Andrews, Tim Reicha III and Steve Mentzer

Board absent: Cody Sprattmoran and Tim Jenema

Guests: Cody Sovis, Molly Steck, co-founder Bike Leelanau and Andy Batteiger/Hagerty Cycling

Chad opened the meeting at 6:39 p.m.


Kim went over the financials. She informed the board that she had created new categories that give a clearer picture of total dollars we have in our general fund.

This general fund will be the amount we have to spend on capital projects, for example Supply road pavilion. 

The general fund currently holds $9247.00. These dollars can be put towards the pavilion project. Also the Morley fund which stands at $7908.31 can also be used towards the pavilion. At the discretion of Betsy.

A large percentage of the TCTF expenses will be reflected in the August statement.

Community comments:

Andy Batteiger was representing Hagerty cycling. 

He stated the desire for Hagerty, the areas oldest and largest cycling club to be better aligned with NMMBA and further our cause. He wanted to explore what options the club might utilize to achieve this goal,

He admits that they were hesitant in the past to pursue this because of misconceptions surrounding NMMBA. 

NMMBA was seen as a fundraising organization. And to add to that a big percentage of membership dollars went to IMBA. So, monies donated were not staying in the area.

While true at the time, as of January 2018 all dollars now stay in the area to maintain and create new trails. This was accomplished through NMMBA obtaining it’s 501(c)3 non-profit status. 

A few different ideas as to how Hagerty could help out NMMBA were tossed around.

Including a push for memberships among the Hagerty riders, more involvement in our sponsored events;TCTF, Glacial Hills Challenge, Bear Claw Epic among others. And volunteering at said events.

Sharing NMMBA social media announcements on the Hagerty team pages.

Or email blasts to the team regarding promotions and specific events.

Tom White explained that trail/race usage numbers are of course driven by more people taking part in them. With an increase from area clubs in these events shows the Michigan DNR that our efforts in our trail work, etc is paying dividends.

Bear Claw Epic:

Race day is drawing near and Michele told the group that registration numbers were about at the same level as this time last year. About 120.

She indicated she would be wanting the tent, flags and podium steps for the race. And for someone to work the merch tent from approx. 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Event date is September 28th. And is hoping for a lot of promotion from all. As well as good weather.

Groomers Symposium:

Ride and after party at Short’s is set for Sunday, September 29th.

John is encouraging all groomers to attend.

He also discussed Global Fat Bike Day. Traditional date is set for December 7th. In the past it has conflicted with other local events which has produced lower attendance numbers. Among other dates thrown out were the New Years Day ride being declared Global Fat Bike Day. This event always draws big numbers.

Trail Menu Diversification:

 This agenda topic spurred a lot of discussion regarding the technical levels of existing and proposed trail.

As far as e-bike use, last month’s meeting minutes stated that the DNR was revising their position on e-bike usage. A DNR representative attended our meeting to inform us, and educate us to their plans for community outreach.

But we (NMMBA) is concerned that NMMBA is seen, incorrectly, as the enforcer of the rules by some in the cycling community. The DNR enforces the laws via their Enforcement Conservation Officers  

We have stated repeatedly that we are NOT anti anything!

Our mission statement states that we promote  responsible mountain bike use.

And to that we also have fielded some criticisms about the lack of technical aspects to the VST.

This brings us to the diversification of our trail system.

A letter was received by Cody Sovis outlining the writer’s complaint of our VST trail system. It was remarked that the roots and washed out areas that the VST previously held were preferable to the flowy trail that is offered by the VST, Glacial and Arcadia. However the number of riders taking to the marked VST after several reworkings would belie that assertion. However, the concerned party seemed to want NMMBA to champion the former.

If technical is what is wanted Palmer Woods or some of the unmarked TCTN trails will fill that need.

Keen’s, Short’s Out n Back bash:

Tom will have the cantina at Timber Ridge for this kickoff bash.

Rides begin at 9 a.m. with several speed groups available.

Ramp to take the plunge into Justin Timberlake has been built. Brats and beer to follow.


Kim led this discussion on memberships.

The expired list this month totaled 77 members.

Notice had been sent out via NMMBA Communications rather than Mail Chimp.

There are new features which will be evident when renewals are realized.

Auto-renewal is one which will eliminate chasing folks down to renew.

Roundtable discussion:

John spoke about grooming badge costs. He has opted to go with stickers to differentiate the trails vs different colored badges.

It will make the cost of each badge .67 cents. Based on 500 badges we are looking at a total of $375.  So, the breakdown for each trail will be: 200 for Traverse City, and 100 each for Glacial Hills, Cadillac Pathway and Bike Leelanau. 

Molly let the board know that the Leelanau Conservancy is in phase II of their fundraising efforts for Palmer Woods. Trail length is up to 6 miles and flows much better.

Tom discussed a meeting TART and he had with Merrill White, trail builder from Bentonville Arkansas. Talked trial wants and needs and possibly some financial support for NMMBA from the Walton foundation.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m.

Submitted by

Steve Mentzer, secretary

Committee reports:

Cadillac Pathway:

Keen Technical Solutions installed 3 solar lights in our parking lot last week.  Getting positive feedback from the community and DNR.  

Waiting on DNR to install the bike/ski rack, bike fix it station, pump, concrete sidewalks, final grade of parking lot, and final landscaping around the pavilion.  

Missaukee County is updating their recreational plan to include the approval of building trail.  Looking for assistance to write grants. Pursuing some grants needs to come from a governmental entity and not a non-profit.  

Bear Claw Epic:

Dustin and I are working diligently on putting on a flawless event.  Registration is right on target with last year at this time. Please encourage your friends to sign up.  Share the event on your social media please.   

DNR is helping me work on a re-route around an eroded hill this morning.  


1)  The TCTN is up to its eyeballs in cleaning up after various logging

projects.  The Iceman logging clean up should be finalized by 9/14.

2)  Part 2 of the water bottle hill reroute is on the schedule for this

fall, but not yet fully mapped out.

3)  The End of Summer Splash event is scheduled for 9/15.  This is a joint

effort with Keen with hopes to make it an annual event.  The Cantina will

be there (Timber Ridge).  NMMBA to decide the level of involvement.

4)  The formal hand off of the TC to K trail to NMMBA from the Hiking Club

is ready to happen.  Details are being worked out.  Bridge repair/rebuild

will be needed to make the trail passable.  Having this trail become one of

ours fits into our master plan to connect TC to Kalkaska's loop.

5)  Iceman course prep will be constant from this point forward.  Extensive

ORV erosion must be fixed our routed around.  We will address what we

can....as best as we can.

6)  The Single Track Love Machine is in the final debug and safety guarding


7)  Pavilion grant funding has been submitted to CCCC and a meeting with

Emily from Casey Cowell's Boomerang group is scheduled for 9/17 to show her

the site and continue the review and consideration of our grant request.

8)  Meeting was had with TART and Merrill White (trail coordinator at

Bentonville).  Notes were compared, challenges, victories and regrets were

discussed.  Possible donations from the Walton Foundation to NMMBA were


Tom and Mike

Glacial Hills

  1. Trail volunteer refresh (retraining) was held last Thursday. Brad Gerlach worked hard to replace some bad habits that the volunteer crew has developed over the last year. This was very valuable.

  2. Work begins this Thursday on a new one mile plus novice loop from Eckhardt. This will connect to the existing 3/4 mile novice loop and potentially to a 3-5 mile novice plus loop (around a big hill instead of up it) in the future.

  3. The sign committee is still waiting on final proofs from GTRLC to have new trail and kiosk signs printed then install.

  4. Currently researching grants to fund electric/water well installation at Eckhardt trail head.

August Meeting Minutes

NMMBA Board of Directors Meeting

Date and location: Wednesday, August 21st, Kim White’s house

Board Present: Chad Jordan, Tim Reicha III, Tom White, Kim White, Tim Jenema, John Roe and Steve Mentzer

Board absent: Mike Walters,  Coti Sprattmoran and Michele Andrews

Guests: Kasey Mahoney

Meeting called to order by Chad at 6:50 p.m.


Kim passed around the financials for all to review. 

The profit & loss picture for July was much clearer due to money for TCTF coming in sooner. TCTF cleared around $15 - $18K.

NMMBA checking account stood at $79,680.43.

Bear Claw Epic (BCE) account was at $30,485.97. Due in part to a grant amount recently deposited.

Winter Grooming:

John announced the groomer’s party had been set for Sunday, September 22nd. It was planned to include all groomers. 

Ride at Glacial Hills then food and drink to follow at Short’s. 

Roundtable discussion among the groomers would also be on tap.

Budget was discussed.

John made a motion to allocate $500.00 for the party. Kim 2nd the motion.

Unanimous vote.

Community Comments:

Guest Kasey Mahoney, District supervisor for the Department of Natural Resources(DNR) spoke on recent updates to the state’s position on e-bikes.

The DNR is currently exploring placing carsonite decals/stickers at designated spots to alert the public of restrictions on e-bike use. Decals would include a QR code which would take people to the DNR website. There they would find a one page document explaining the current rules and regulations

Also the DNR proposed hangtags be attached to the local bike shops e-bike inventories. These would also contain the same QR code as well.

How would this proposal be received by the shops? If presented by the DNR, this proposal would carry a great deal of weight.

Discussion was about current public awareness of when they are allowed and where they are allowed.

Feds see them as motorized which immediately makes them not allowed on federal lands.

Americans with Disabilities Act(ADA). State allows the use of e-bikes but puts a limit of “walking speed” as far as how fast they can move.

Non-Motorized Advisory Workgroup(NAWG) 

Link to their website:https://michigantrails.org/resources/non-motorized-advisory-workgroup/ 

This groups will explore these and other related issues at their next meeting in November.

Look for enforcement to increase as the rules become more defined.

Other discussion was centered around whether wider trails would be able to accommodate multiple users. Nothing formalized.

TCTF Review:

A date was suggested for TCTF for 2020. Looking not to conflict with other events. 

Motion by Chad and a 2nd by John to set the date for TCTF 2020 on July, 18th, 2020. Unanimous vote.

450 registrations is the target number. Food and beverages worked out well and should be repeated. And because of the amount of smoothie ingredients that remain, they will be back as well.

Acme Bike Park:

The name Acme Bike Park is being accepted as the name of the trail. Gives Acme some ownership. 

Trail builders, including Flo-track are submitting bids to construct the trail system. Some materials have been purchased from Elmer’s.

The work bees have been attracting some good numbers of volunteer labor. All this despite some conflicts with other events.

Tim J. mentioned that a Grand Opening is being set for sometime within the next month.

John made a motion to have Chad sign a Memorandum of Understanding(MOU) for Acme Bike Park with TART.

Tim Reicha III 2nd the motion. Unanimous vote.

Committee reports:

Fat Bike: John needs an MOU to sell badges through TART again this year.

Merchandise: Inventory is getting low on items. Talk of expanding the line to include bike kits or at least jerseys with the NMMBA logo. Maybe some new colors to create a new buzz?

There was discussion as to what advantages linking sales with Amazon Smile would mean. A percentage of each sale would go to NMMBA.

This needed to be explored further.

Status of the Single Track Love Machine. Still awaiting delivery but only because the manufacturers were not happy with some aspects of the machines performance. They are rebuilding the drum.

Pavilion will be a go next year. But there was talk of getting some digital prints with a possible redesign. Talk of donations, grants, etc to fund the project.

Also discussed was a parking plan the DNR had. Could expand the lot to accommodate an additional 40+ vehicles.

Also proposed was an update to the present kiosk.

Lastly with the Fiesta Cantina a big hit there was talk of an end of the year party. No solid dates as of yet but do want to couple the party with a ride.

Meeting adjourned at 9:06 p.m.

Submitted by

Steve Mentzer, secretary