NMMBA Grooming Report #32

Date: 2/21/19

Time: 7:45am

NWS Forecast here.

Traverse City
We held off on grooming yesterday and plan to be out early evening as the temperatures drop. Riding should remain good on Friday and early Saturday morning. 

Please be careful when riding on Saturday and Sunday as the trails will likely become quite soft. We will plan on grooming on Sunday evening after the temperatures drop below freezing.

Cadillac Pathway
Last groomed Sunday February 17. Expect good conditions getting soft during the warmup this weekend.

Glacial Hills
Will be groomed prior to this weekend. They expect conditions to get soft this weekend also. There is Potluck on Sunday. More information here.

Leelanau State Park
Was groomed last weekend. Again Expect soft conditions with the warm-up.