Grooming Report #12

Report: NMMBA Grooming Report #12

Date: 1/4/19

Time: 8:20am 

Good Morning!

As we head into a weekend of warm weather expect the trails to soften up by the end of the weekend.

This morning all Traverse City Trails will be groomed by Heath. He will be trying to beat the heat. It would be best if riders waited until it starts to cool this evening before riding. We will not be able to groom again until we receive two to four inches of fresh snow.

Cadillac remains ungroomed.

Glacial has been groomed but the last groom was partial. Equipment is being repaired and will hopefully be ready for the next snowfall.

Leelanau State Park Winter Sports Trails have a thin base and may end up being closed this weekend to bikes.

Help your groomers by bending back branches and shaking snow off the trees during your ride.