NMMBA Grooming Report #20

Report: NMMBA Report #20

Date: 1/23/19

Time: 6:20pm

NWS Forecast here.


SNOW!  That glorious white gold from the sky is finally here!  I will be grooming tonight to prep the trail for some epic Gnar this weekend, and just to make sure the Polar Bear Epic race is ready, Dave Scott will groom again friday night.  With the low temps and hard freeze we have been having the trail is in good shape, but after this groom, Shreddy himself will want to heli-drop in from Alaska and rip the trail!  Get out there and have some fun in our winter wonderland!

Glacial Hills
Patrick will be out to groom Thursday Morning. About three to four inches of fresh powder have fallen. A fine winter weekend it will be in Bellaire. Stop by Short's after your ride!

Traverse City
Traverse City will be groomed tonight starting at 7:00pm and again Thursday night. The dry snow will take overnight to set up. Expect excellent conditions this weekend.

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