Glacial Hills Challenge and ATV Fundraiser Updates


Have you ever seen a more perfect mountain bike race? The weather for Sunday's Glacial Hills Challenge was phenomenal, and there's no wonder why over 150 riders signed up day-of for one, two, and even three laps of one the most fun, flowy trails in the state! 

Brent Walk and the Fun Promotions team brought a lot of riders from all over Michigan north to Bellaire this past Sunday. Many of those riders were looking to pick up some Championship Series Points as the season nears its final few events of 2018, and those that made the trip were rewarded with a simply amazing day in the woods. The trail was very dry, but the hard-working trail crew has done a wonderful job of keeping it fast and fun! 

The morning's race saw the Elite, Expert, and a few Sport classes in action, with demanding uphill start from John R. Rodgers Elementary. After completing their prescribed number of laps, every racer got to enjoy some well-earned speed on the pavement for a two-mile drag race to Downtown Bellaire.  We were especially excited to see NMMBA board members Chad Jordan and Mike Walters, as well as trail helpers extraordinaire Kyle Macdermaid and Dan Ellis drop their loppers and get in on the action! 

Of course, it still took a lot of help to make the race happen, with Glacial Hills trail rep Tim Reicha joining nearly all of the Glacial Hills trail crew marshal the course! They don't just make the trails happen, they make the events happen, too! 

That's why this month's August ATV fundraiser is so important. The Friends of Glacial Hills are working to purchase an ATV to help carry and pull the heavy equipment needed to keep these trails in such great shape. Even with the myriad access points, reaching different sections of trail in the steep, tight terrain of Glacial Hills is more difficult than many trail systems, and transporting tools up and down those ravines or even along the trail is always tough and sometimes even dangerous. 

An anonymous donor has generously offered to match up to $5,000 toward the ATV fund, and we want to make sure we get the full $10,000 we need for a new machine. If you can contribute, you money is essentially doubled from now until August 31! 

All those riders from the Glacial Hills Challenge sure do appreciate the trail crew's hard work; between the Rubber Ducky Days and Sunday's Race, plus previous donations this month online, we're at $2,800 with just over a week left until the matching donations end. Now is the time to see this thing through!

If you can donate, please do so here, with a reference to the ATV in the donation's memo. Glacial and Bellaire have a truly special thing going, and we can all enjoy the fruit's of that labor all season long!