Farewell, Winter!


This time, it really looks like winter is in the rear view mirror. 

Fat bikers and trail users were treated to a surprise second winter in the first two weeks of March, with some of the best conditions of the year coming on the heels of a two-day winter storm. Our groomers were back in action immediately, working to combine the fresh powder into the icy base. We were able to get the original WST loop in terrific shape, with some of the Universal Racing folks even tossing in a rare Friday Night Lights ride, plus dozens of folks enjoying some winter miles over the past two weekends. 

As we transition to spring, we're asking trail users to take caution when using the trail due to ice. With freezing temperatures overnight, the surface may stay frosty for another few weeks, but that surface will be extremely slick as that freeze and thaw cycle continues. As the ice and snow disappear, please use your best judgment riding in any wet or muddy conditions. In Northern Michigan, we're very lucky to have sandy soil that drains water quickly and efficiently. Still, any muddy spots that see heavy and consistent traffic can deepen and widen the trail bed and do lasting damage that could cause erosion, further re-routes, and detract from your riding experience. 

Looking ahead, we expect to see warmer temperatures this weekend and into next week. With a few nights over freezing and some of the precipitation in the forecast, the trails should clear rather quickly. We'll do our very best to keep you up-to-date! 

In the meantime, make sure you've got Friday, April 13 circled on your calendar. NMMBA has grown in leaps and bounds over the past three years, and we're working to change our structure and certain by-laws in order to do more for our trails, our members, and our communities. We'll use this special meeting to present information and invite your feedback, as well as vote on the changes discussed, if motioned. 

We'll see you on the trails, and thank you for your support!