Glacial Hills Grooming Report 1/9/18

Date: 1-9-2018

Time: 7:30a

Good morning,

Patrick groomed the fat bike trail yesterday afternoon. He added some extra weight to the drag to try to firm up the trail to ensure the base stays intact with some texture through the warm up over the next couple of days. He also attempted to open up the foot path and what we had been hoping would be a xc ski loop. I hope to get out this afternoon to try to break those two loops open so that we can groom them after the warm up passes.

We will likely close the groomed fat bike loop down for Wednesday and Thursday while the temps are forecasted to be in the 40's. Thanks for understanding. Expect a hard packed base today and again beginning Friday with a slick surface. Tire pressure should remain low for increased traction, most likely 4-6 psi.