Thank YOU For Supporting The 2017 Bear Claw Epic


This past weekend, hundreds of mountain bikers of all abilities poured onto the Cadillac Pathways to celebrate and support the hard work and dedication that's gone into that trail system. 

NMMBA is proud to support the dedicated crew of volunteers who have invested so much time and effort into building and maintaining the Pathways. The trail system is of tremendous value to the Cadillac community, as well as being the main place to ride for people around the area. The seven mile loop serves as unmatched and unrivaled recreational riding, and on Saturday, it proved to be an impressive place to race as well! 

The third edition of the Bear Claw Epic as plenty warm, so much so that race organizers Michele Andrews and Dustin Webb, two NMMBA members, made the right call to shorten the Expert race to three laps. That's not a normal decision to have to make at the tail end of September in Northern Michigan, but it was well-received and put rider safety at the forefront of the day's affairs. 

Racers finishing we welcomed into the finish tent with pizza from G&D's, plus baked goods from Blue Heron. There were also plenty of volunteers handing out cold water and taking care of the tired riders, which was an absolute treat. Indeed, the volunteers out on course were a huge help, directing traffic and offering plenty of encouragement to every single racer, from 9am in the morning until the last rider across the line around 3pm. Events like the Bear Claw Epic, and the many fundraisers and rides we offer and support, are simply impossible without the time donated by countless of selfless individuals. 

Sean Kickbush and Lauri Brockmiller won the men's and women's Elite races, but there were impressive rides all day long. For many athletes, braving the hot conditions was challenge enough, but the fast, fun course made it an enjoyable challenge to say the least. 

You can see all of the day's results right here. 

You can stay in touch with Bear Claw Epic on Facebook and on their website, and stay in the loop with the Cadillac Pathways as well.