ViSiT Updates Taking Shape


Northern Michigan has been given a second lease on summer this week, with perfect riding temperatures and a reprieve from an especially soggy week to start September. Make the most of it, and take a look at some of the updates to the Vasa Singletrack. As a part of our two-year plan to make the Vasa Singletrack more sustainable and more fun, our crew have taken the trail piece by piece and shaped the current trail system to reflect better trail conditions. It's an almost signpost to signpost dissection to address exposed tree roots, sand pits, and stumps to make the trail flow better and hold up better to the peak traffic of autumn.  

Last week, our volunteers took on the opening section of the VST to reduce exposed roots and close tree stumps that have become issues with the trail. It's been a very fun project to address the look and ride quality of the trail, and the feedback we've received has been extremely positive. We've also addressed other sections of the trail, with bigger changes and long re-routes currently in the hands of the DNR in the form a trail proposal. While the approval process takes time, we are able to make these small scale changes to make your experience better today. 

We've also been working with our pals from TART to make changes to the Vasa 25km over the past few weeks in an effort to reduce erosion. Not only will these efforts make the riding experience better, but reducing the depth of the trail bed will allow for more consistent grooming conditions and a more even base for groomers this winter! 

The next time you head out into the woods, give the VST a spin and let us know what you think!