2017 Traverse City Trails Festival Recap

Thank YOU for being a part of the the first-ever Traverse City Trails Festival! This past Saturday, over 200 riders took to the woods to celebrate our trails, and to help ensure their future. 

When we first thought of revamping our summer event, we had no idea how much support the idea would garner. Switching from the Long and Short's, we were looking to attract the full spectrum of our mountain bike community. From beginners to pros, kids to adults, and everything in between, the TCTF was shaped by what we hoped people would be excited to try. And after a lot of hard work, encouragement, and support, we think we nailed it. 

Ranch Rudolf is a great host, and the morning's light sprinkle died away with plenty of time for everyone to get in a dry, sunny warm-up around the ranch. As the 40 milers lined up, the sun peaked out, and on the gun, everyone was treated to a beautiful day. Shortly after, our 25 milers and two touring groups joined the action. We had riders as young as 14 on course, and rider over 65 joining them! 

We'd like to congratulate our 40 mile Elite winners, Jorden Wakeley and Lauri Brockmiller. These two local riders both blew away our expected times, with Jorden finishing in two hours and thirty-nine minutes, with Lauri finishing in three hours and three minutes! Kasey Wierzba and Kyle Macdermaid took the 25 mile crowns against some very tough competition. 

We'd also like to thank everyone who showed up and challenged themselves. Taking on 25 or 40 miles of tough singletrack isn't easy, and we are so proud of everyone who pushed their limits. Racing or touring, completing either of these two courses is truly a wonderful accomplishment. We hope the Traverse City Trails Festival becomes a mid-summer goal for local riders. Whether that's stepping up to the 40 next year, or bringing a friend to their first mountain bike event, we want to be a part of those stories and a part of seeing what you're capable of. 

Saturday, we saw racers gut out tough finishers, and not just for the glory of winning. Riders like Tim Pulliam, who crashed with over half the race to go and still managed to finish, pedaling with one leg, for a top 30 overall. We saw friends rally each other to press on in both races and both tours. We saw folks ride with complete strangers and cross the line close pals, sharing their stories over some Short's Brewing Company beer. 

Short's and all of our generous sponsors all contributed to support a massive day, especially as our first race. Their support made it possible to bring you such a wide-ranging offering of distances, races, tours, and the very exciting kid's race. 

As great as the day went, we're excited to make the event even bigger in 2017! Please send your questions and suggestions to communications@nmmba.net and we'll bring all ideas to the table to make 2018 even better. 

To see the results from Saturday, head here.