Cat Head grooming report 12/30/17 (Northport)

It continues to snow, and I’m doing my best, but I got behind today. I groomed all fat bike accessible trails 100% at 5pm. There are areas where this snow is like talcum powder, and I just can’t get it to compact. Still very rideable, but soft in some areas. 

SOMEONE FOUND THE WATER BOTTLE!  But as yet has not claimed the prize. 

If we get a ton of precipitation tonight I may get up and groom again Sunday morning, as early as I can. I SHOULD be out there at 7am, but I like to drink beer with my friends at night and that kinda keeps me from being the world class groomer that my dog thinks I am. Doing my best. 

Still TONS of positive feedback on the trail, new people trying the sport, in general all is going great up here, come check out Cat Head! 

Here’s a picture of some very happy newbies - today was their first time on fat bikes!