Grooming report for LSP "Cathead" trail 12/29/17

The new working name for the Leelanau State Park fat bike trail is Cathead. This is because it is located within Cathead point, a known local area. 

Outer and inner loops were groomed at sunset. The Northern parts of the outer loop had gotten a wee bit soft, but should be great for Saturday morning. Keeping up with the meadow section is a full time job, it just is what it is. 

I did not groom the feeder tail from Densmore Road parking area because it is getting self groomed and packed by multi-use recreation (ski, hike, snowshoe and bike). 

THE WATER BOTTLE WITH THE FREE BEER COUPONS IS STILL OUT THERE - AND VERY OBVIOUS!  I can’t believe how many people have ridden right by it!  

Some people have gotten confused and turned around in the inner loop and the “micro triangle.” We are working on putting out more signage, please be patient. I’m attaching a map - not a bad idea to print it and bring it with you. 

Northport is seeing a small uptick in business from fat bikers, PLEASE, if you stop in a local establishment, LET THEM KNOW YOU CAME HERE TO RIDE!  The more positive feedback we get from the village the more likely we can do this every year, and maybe even turn it into a year-round mountain bike trail some day. 

So come on up and ride the Cat! It’s going to be great all weekend, if I have to groom every day I will!