Glacial Hills grooming report 12/20/17

Although this is the first Glacial Hills grooming report in this format, our volunteers have groomed 17 times this season and we have over 150 miles on our new snowmobile! The recent warm up has definitely set us up with a hard base. Sam made it out last night to attempt to smooth out any tracks in the hard surface. Expect the fat bike trails from Vandermark or Orchard Hill (loop accessed from either parking lot) to be hard and fast. Use caution as it may be slick in areas until we have fresh snow to groom in.

We also have a groomed hiking trail from Vandermark heading west from the main parking lot. That path was also groomed yesterday and should be hard and solid.

There are current plans to set classic tracks for cross country skiing north and east of the Orchard Hill parking lot. That may change and be left ungroomed for backcountry skiing/snowshoeing depending on ability to groom and amount of use once we get tracks set. We will post updates as we have them.