TC WSS Grooming Report #4

Report: TC WSS Report #4

Date: 12/13/17

Time: 6:35am

Dave and I went out yesterday afternoon and groomed the whole trails system. We also finished putting up temporary signage so you can find your way around the additional five miles of trail. The base was starting to setup hard as the ground is starting to freeze with the drop in temperature. Expect great riding today with fresh snow over a firm base. The bypass around the Poplar trees and the Winter only Yeti's Revenge Trail(from Riley's to Perch Lake Rd) will be soft as we have not built a solid base yet as we are not allowed by the DNR to trim the brush closer than six inches so the trail disappears in the spring.

With little new snow and only a couple inches we are going to hold off grooming until Thursday.

Happy Trails,