More Local, More Connected, More Support: Our Move Away From IMBA

Earlier this summer, Northern Michigan Mountain Bike Association voted to leave the International Mountain Bike Association in an effort to keep more money, efforts, and awareness closer to home. 

The decision was made after months of talking as a board, communicating with members, other Michigan IMBA chapters, as well as with our state association, the Michigan Mountain Bike Association. IMBA has a long and storied past and we have enjoyed a great relationship with the organization since our inception. Our move away from IMBA is a product of listening to our members' input and in the interest of the trails. 

NMMBA is no longer an associated chapter of IMBA, with our relationship with MMBA becoming even more important. This move means that 100% of membership dues stay in the state, and most of that staying right here in Northern Michigan. This allows us to do more for the trails, while also contributing more to MMBA's efforts in Lansing on behalf of mountain bikers and all non-motorized trail users. With hot topics like PA 288, eBikes, and a number of trail proposals making the rounds at the Michigan Department of Resources, our voices are better heard with more support in Lansing.

With IMBA, 60% of dues left Michigan, which severely restricted our ability to put MMBA Executive Director, Melissa Werkman, in Lansing. Without representation on the state level, NMMBA lacks the voice to influence legislation that deals with everything from trail access, trail initiative, and how our resources are used. Melissa is involved with countless committees and ensures that the interests of mountain bikers are heard and change how other organizations view the woods, the trails, and the sport. 

We strongly encourage you to join NMMBA to keep your money local and to help us maintain trail systems like the retooled Vasa Single Track, the Cadillac Pathway, Glacial Hills, the High Country Pathway, and more. If you can, we feel it is still important to support IMBA, and if you can financially contribute, their efforts are very much worthy of our attention and contributions. 

To join NMMBA as a member, click here.