October Board Meeting Minutes


Date and location: October 12th, 2017, Keen Loft

Board Present: Chad Jordan, Tom White, Mike Walters, Michele Andrews, Kim White and Steve Mentzer, John Roe (via phone)

Board absent: Don Clewley, Brad Gerlach and Dustin Webb

Guests: Cody Sovis and Tim Reicha

Chad opened the meeting at 6:35 p.m.

Previous month’s minutes were discussed. Steve to share all future minutes through Google Docs to allow editing. Chad made a motion with Steve 2nd to approve the previous month’s minutes. Unanimous vote.


Kim led a discussion of both Bear Claw Epic’s and NMMBA’s financials.

NMMBA currently has $14K in the general fund. BCE has $18K in their fund. After a donation to CTC(Career Tech Center) for their generous use of school property for the BCE.

P&L showed monies out to MMBA and the GTRLC(Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy).

MMBA Update:

Kim again led this discussion. MMBA has not had a recent meeting. Face2Face mtg. Scheduled for Saturday November 18th. Also there will be a fundraiser being held at Brew in downtown Traverse City on Friday, November 17th. Ride and get together afterwards.

Kim mentioned a future board structure will be taking place within the MMBA board. A new chapter rep will be needed. Kim cannot perform both. So a rep from the NMMBA board will be chosen in the coming months. Another fundraiser was held on Saturday, October 14th in conjunction with a CX race. (cancelled due to forecast of thunderstorms & low pre-registration)


Michele started off the discussion with great news! BCE made a profit of $10,000. Nearly 300 riders took part in the race. 263 adults and 35 kids.

A survey has gone out to participants. Surveys received were heavily congratulatory. Some however pointed out where improvements could be made. Start times, number of laps among others. Board members weighed in with some suggestions. Lengthen the course and make riders self seed themselves.

Cadillac Pathway:

No new news on trail proposal. Marketing on the grooming badges for the pathway have begun. 7 sold so far!

Permit for Global Fat bike Day has been submitted. Event slated for 1st weekend in December.


Tom White had met with Dave Lemmien of the DNR to discuss this issue. Need to address it in full at some point.

E-bike user groups could develop their own trail system. A low Horsepower trail. Work with the PA288 mapping to create these trails.

What’s being voted on now in Lansing is allowing disabled riders the opportunity to ride any trail.


½ dozen re-routes have been completed so far to very good reviews. Permit into the DNR on the more extensive re-route sections. Dave Lemmien okay with re-routes completed. Tom has made Dave aware of changes proposed/wanted in the sapling and other sections.

Michele has offered to bring some people up from Cadillac to assist in trail construction.


Tom brought everyone up to speed on the progress. Proposal has been turned in. So..1st leg completed. Then the race permit submitted. Tom pointed out that Dave Lemmien is the only one who approves the race permits. Unlike other proposals that require 16 other sets of eyes.

Fat bike:

At this point John Roe joined the meeting via phone link. Let board know that some signage has gone missing and will have to be replaced.

Grooming badges have been ordered. 500 ordered at a cost of $400.00

Making them .80 apiece with a rush ship. (side note; 10 badges were sold at the Vasa Ski swap held at Brick Wheels)

Shops committed to selling the badges are Brick Wheels, City Bike Shop, Suttons Bay bikes and Einstein. Gt Cycle has declined and no word from McLain’s. Although McLain’s in Cadillac are including a Cadillac Pathway badge with each sale of a Fatbike.

New sled is ready thanks to Mike Walters.

Trail status. More stump grinding and root removal needed. Logs lining the trail need to be rolled back to accommodate the sleds.

Global Fatbike Day date was tossed around. With Farmland slated for Saturday the 2nd it was suggested that GFBD be moved to Sunday the 3rd.

This decision was given to a newly formed committee. This committee will be the same folks on the Fat Bike committee. John, Mike and Steve.

To promote this event we need good signage at Timber Ridge and maybe posters to the local bike shops.


Cody led the discussion on this event. It is proceeding well. Lots of promotion on social media. Norte to attend. This will get NMMBA out to a lot of people.

Talk of presenting an award(Golden Ax?) to Ken Peltier for his contributions.


Tom to get flyers printed for Iceman packets. Timing for event. Stay with Endurance Evolution or self time the event. Or get another timing company to do this. (side note; email vote today by board confirms EE will do timing next year under the guidance of Jason Whittaker).

Triple Crown Series:

Very early stages of this event. Committee to be formed to look into a 3 race series. Three trail’s utilized would be Glacial Hills, Cadillac Pathway(BCE) and TCTF race/tour.

Committee will be comprised of Cody, Michele, Dustin, Tim and Tom. Usual promotional tools will be utilized.

Kim made a motion to name Tim Reicha as the Glacial Hills rep to the NMMBA board. John Roe 2nd the motion and was followed by a unanimous vote.

Kalkaska MTB project:

Don was not present but it was noted that the Grant extension is now through September of 2018.


Cody keeps everyone up to date on FB postings and other social media outlets as it pertains to NMMBA.

Push is on for both the Glacial fundraiser at Short’s in Bellaire on November 5th and the event at Brew on the 17th. Tell your friends!!

Email blast out to members to go to MMBA site to renew membership.

One last bit of business was to get Steve to work with Larkin to get a Director’s and Officer’s insurance policy in place.

Meeting adjourned by Chad at 9 p.m.

Submitted by

Steve Mentzer, secretary