What We Do - Northern Michigan Mountain Bike Association

We Build and Maintain Woodland Trails in Northwest Lower Michigan

The Northern Michigan Mountain Bike Association is the local chapter of the Michigan Mountain Bike Association (MMBA) for Northwest Lower Michigan. As an organization, what we do is really simple. We do everything we can to maintain trail access for trail users in our region.

Based in Traverse City and Kalkaska, we maintain over 200 miles in all four seasons, 12 months a year. We maintain and build trails to allow everyone to enjoy woodland trails, from fat-tire biking in the winter, to trail-running in the spring, summer hiking, and fall single-track riding, we cover as much of the region as possible.


·       We inspire people in Northern Michigan to experience the outdoors on bicycles.

·       We promote mountain biking and healthy trail use in Northern Michigan.

·       We build and maintain sustainable trails for everyone to enjoy.


Trail Building & Maintenance:

A lot of riders think that single-track trail takes care of itself or that a group of friendly forest-dwelling gnomes come out at night to take care of the trails. Most people believe that single-track stays clear and open because of debris and blowdown naturally degrade over time or maybe because there are one or two die-hard locals who clear trail every season. The truth is: trails need CONSTANT maintenance. NMMBA’s volunteers spend hundreds of hours clearing and maintaining over 200 miles of single-track in our region. All of us love to ride and we know how important it is to keep trails open for everyone in our region.


Winter VASA Single-Track Grooming:

We are some of the luckiest riders on the planet. We are the home-field maintenance team for some of the most amazing winter multi-sport trails on the planet. Traverse City’s VASA winter trail system is home to some of the finest groom cross-country skiing and fat-biking in the world.  It takes a team of dedicated groomers to wake up at 4:00 in the morning nearly every day during the winter to keep all of these trails rideable. NMMBA is proud to have helped engineer over 15 kilometers of pristine, expertly-groomed winter single tracks.


Trail Advocacy:

Northern Michigan is one of the most important regions for timber harvesting in all of the Great Lakes, possibly in the country. NMMBA works hard alongside MMBA as a unified voice for our region in Lansing. We urge our leaders at the state and local levels to understand that sustainable and responsible trail access is incredibly important for our region. NMMBA is proud to be your voice for human-powered trail access in Northern Michigan.