Get outside with NMMBA and Ride!

NMMBA is an important steward of trails in northern Michigan because we take the time to get outside, ride, groom, maintain, and build. Our organization can only exist because of the hours our membership spends actually doing the work to support our mission. Check out our events list and calendar below for an up-to-date snapshot of every upcoming ride, trail work day, fundraiser, and even an occasional happy hour at any of our favorite local après-ride watering holes.

For 2018, we're proud to offer three events that make up the NMMBA Trail Series! Each event highlights a mountain bike or multi-use trail that we help to maintain. Along with local volunteers and supports, these three trails are the go-to networks for riding year-round. They're groomed in the winter and immaculately maintained all summer. We feel these trails are simply can't miss, and we invite you to take on all three and earn yourself a special prize at season's end! 

Pre-register for all three races and you'll not only earn a little something for the effort, but you'll be supporting three marquee trail systems and the people who work to make them possible. For more, head to 


Traverse City TRail Festival 7/21/2018


We've revamped and relocated our biggest fundraiser of the summer. After some fun years with the Long and Short's Ride, we're excited to bring you the Traverse City Trail Festival! Short's Brewing Company has hopped on help us bring you 40 and 25 mile race and tour options from beautiful Ranch Rudolf on July 22. That's right, two routes that you can race, or tour at your pace with friends. 

Bikes, beer, and incredible trails. We've picked the very best singletrack to include on both of these routes. These are the best sections of the former X100 Race, and the best routes mean the most fun! Proceeds go to our maintenance and advocacy efforts right here in Northern Michigan! 

Find out more about the Traverse City Trail Festival here


Glacial Hills 8/25/18

Head to Bellaire for the Glacial Hills Challenge! The course provides a balanced test of singletrack, elevation and speed, conveniently located close to Short's Brewing Company. The event offers a challenge for pros and beginners alike. Portions of the proceeds will go right back in building and maintaining the nearly 35 miles of trails that make up this incredible network and natural area. 

To find out more about the trail head here. 

Stay tuned for more about the 2018 edition of the race with Fun Promotions

Bear claw epic 9/22/2018

Bear Claw Epic mountain bike race proceeds go towards accomplishing our goals for improving and preserving the Cadillac Pathway. The course is multi lap race, each lap made up of about 8 challenging miles of trail filled with single track, two track, and plenty of challenging climbs. Learn More.....