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Grooming Report #4

John Roe | Published on 1/25/2023
Report: Report # 4
Date: 1/25/23
Time: 6:00am

Cadillac Pathway
Received approximately 1 inch of new snow. Groomed the 5 mile loop on the east side of Seeley Rd. Excellent riding. Cannot groom the trail on the west side (6 miles) until more snow comes.

The XC ski trail (trails on east side only) was groomed on Monday 1/23/2023. The new groomer did a good job to smooth the rough frozen surface. NO set tracks. All activities can resume on the xc ski trail – hiking, running, riding and skiing with no tracks if you desire. We will close to XC skiing only when there is enough to snow to set track.

Glacial Hills
Groomed 1/24

Traverse City
Last groom 1/21, We would like to see a bit more snow today and plan on grooming tonight. There seems to be more on the way this week so we'll have the trails dialed for the weekend.