Oleson Foundation Helps Two Trail Projects Move Forward

Oleson Foundation Helps Two Trail Projects Move Forward

Plans for projects on two trail developments will advance this summer thanks to grant funding from the Oleson Foundation. The Vasa Skills Building Trail, a collaborative project between TART Trails and Northern Michigan Mountain Bike Association (NMMBA) to create a 2-mile youth mountain biking trail on the Vasa Pathway, has received $5,000 toward project costs.

Grooming Plans This Week on the Winter Sports Singletrack, Plus A Party!


Fat bikers enjoyed incredible conditions this past weekend! Who knew we'd have some of the best riding of the nearly halfway through March! 

Our plan this week is to groom as conditions allow, with all of our efforts focused on the 'original' WST loop as it was groomed last year. Yeti's Revenge is closed for the year, and with good reason; if we present this section to the DNR in the same state we started grooming it in December, we may be given permission to groom even more floating trails in 2018-2019. We're asking everyone to stay off that section both now and when the snow melts. 

Looking at the weather the next few days, we're looking at temperatures well below freezing most nights, which will make the mornings an ideal time to ride. When it gets to be over freezing in the afternoon and evening, we ask that you continue to watch your impact on the trail so that we can enjoy riding as long as the season allows. Next weekend, we may see enough melt that the ice could return, but we'll do our best to keep you up-to-date here, in grooming reports, and on all our social channels. 

Don't forget to join us at Blue Tractor this Wednesday, March 14 at 5:30 for the Groomer's Appreciation Party. Our annual get-together honors TART and NMMBA groomer crews for their hard work in maintaining the trails and to put a cap on another great winter skiing and riding season! 

2018 Groomer Appreciation Party


Well, it looks like a wrap on grooming for 2018! This winter has been a huge success, and we're celebrating the men and women who made it happen at Blue Tractor on Wednesday, March 14! 

When the snow started falling in the middle of December, we knew we were in for a good one. The 2017-2018 grooming season has had its highs and lows, warm-ups and deep freezes, but through it all, we enjoyed some of the best conditions we've seen in years. Through it all, groomers have been up at early hours, late hours, blizzards, frigid temperatures and everything else you can think of to give us a place to fat bike, ski, and snowshoe all winter long. 

Every year, we come together to thank those groomers while enjoying great food and a beer (or two). Join us at Blue Tractor on Wednesday, March 14 from 5:30-7:30 to celebrate groomers from all over Northern Michigan, including those who have spent their mornings on the Vasa Pathways and Winter Sports Singletrack. Last year, we had hundreds of trail users on hand to thank the volunteers, and you know it's going to be a ton of fun, too! 

Stay in the know by following the event updates on the Facebook event. 

Winter Is Coming...Get Your Grooming Badge!


We've partnered with our friends at TART to bring you the 2018 Grooming Badge program! 

While we're loving the good weather to enjoy the trails and get ready for some fall races, we're admittedly getting just a little antsy for winter! Experts are calling for a cold and snowy winter once this warm weather moves on, and we're ready for another year of grooming on the Winter Sports Singletrack! 

Our grooming efforts are fueled by a collective passion for the trails, the hard work of a half-dozen volunteers that are often in the woods by 3 am, and by your support through our grooming badge program. Your badge purchase goes to help cover the fuel and equipment expenses that go into what can be a daily effort to keep the trails rideable. With lots of snow expected, we're going to need all the support we can get in order to give our trail users a world-class experience. 

If you fat bike or use the Winter Sports Singletrack (which is the Vasa Singletrack on Supply Road), your badge purchase is essential to keeping the trail open. There is also the option to buy a Combined Badge, which splits fund between the WST and the Vasa 25km Pathways. We have plenty of friends who love to ski and fat bike, and wish to support both trail efforts. Getting a combined badge will save you $10 compared to purchasing both separately! 

Traverse Area Recreational Trails are handling all badge sales to make it easy to find and easy to buy. You'll receive your badge in the mail in just a few days from when you purchase it. You can find more information on the grooming program and all things TART here, and make sure you indicate that you heard about the badges from your pals at NMMBA! 

To get right to the checkout page, you can head here. 

Watch for NMMBA grooming badges for sale at local bike shops like City Bike Shop, Brick Wheels, Einstein Cycles and more over the coming weeks. 

Tom White Awarded Jim Mudgett Trail Pioneer Award From TART


Our friends at Traverse Area Recreational Trails have named Tom White the 2017 recipient of their Jim Mudgett Trail Pioneer Award. The honor is given to those who have shown leadership and passion in building and maintaining trails. Since 2004, the award has gone to trail stewards and advocates such as George Lombard, Ted Okerstrom, and a number of other worthy winners. In naming Tom their 2017 winner, TART has shown a new recognition for the year-round efforts of mountain and fat bike enthusiasts, in addition to its rich history of honoring skiers, walkers, and other non-motorized trail users. 

Tom has spent over three decades building and maintaining trails, and his expertise has reinvigorated Northern Michigan Mountain Bike Association, as well as the countless volunteers that lend their time and effort to building a better recreational experience for others. 

Congratulations, Tom, and thank you for all that you've done to build our area into a trail mecca!