Grooming Report 41

Chuck and John will head out at 6:00am in the morning provided we get a total of three inches of snow. We should finish up around 8:30 the trail should be setup by about 10am. Leelanau State Park is groomed!

NMMBA Grooming Report #38

Report: Grooming Report #38

Date: 3/7/19

Time: 7:33am

NWS Forecast here.

Happy snow! We have lots of it. Get out and enjoy it this weekend.

Next Thursday, March 14 at Timber Ridge will be the annual Grooming Appreciation Party from 5:30p-7:30p. Come out and share a beverage with your favorite groomers from all over the area. NMMBA and TART groomers will be there from all seven trails. Bring your skis or bike for an after ride or ski.

The trail is still in great shape for this weekend, at least until Sunday morning!  So if you need a reason to look ridiculous, come on out to Cadillac!  Our trail will put a smile on your face that not even Monday can take away!!!

Also, if you want to encourage a young local rider who is raising money for some new Singletrack, come check out Jared Dunham churn out the miles for twelve hours on the WST!!!

If your not into two wheels and would rather glide through the woods, word is the CX trail is in great shape!  Thank you to Roger and John for all their hard work!!!

Groom completed Wednesday night.  The trail is in perfect condition!   10 out of 10

Traverse City
With a little bit of fresh snow on the trail. We will sent out Randy and Mike C. to buff out the trails tomorrow night. This will leave the trails in great shape for the weekend.

With the warm weather and rain on Sunday this could be the last weekend. Get out and Ride!

Glacial Hills
No report.

Leelanau State Park
No Report

Grooming is made possible with donations from people like you! NMMBA and TART couldn't offer such great trails without your support, and we thank you for your contribution. 

Winter Sports Singletrack Grooming Badge

Thank you for your support and enjoy the trails this winter!

NMMBA Grooming Report #32

We expect conditions to get soft this weekend. If you are leaving a rut deeper than 1” in the base stay off the trails as the ruts will freeze in. Also, please run 2-4 PSI to lower the chances of creating a rut we cannot remove.

Grooming update 1/25/19

All NMMBA trails have been groomed and we are continuing to maintain the trails through the weekend. Expect epic winter riding conditions as we have received over 12” of fresh powder. Trails will be slightly soft so use low pressures 4 PSI or below.