NMMBA Board of Director's Meeting - July 2019

NMMBA Board of Director’s Meeting

Date and Location: Wednesday, July 10th, 2019. Keen Loft

Board present: Kim White, Tom White, Chad Jordan, John Roe, Tim Jenema, Tim Reicha III, Mike Walters and Steve Mentzer

Board absent: Michele Andrews and Cotipaxi Sprattmoran

Guests: Cody Sovis, Mike Bourassa and Ann Wagar

Chad opened the meeting at 6:45 p.m.

Aspen Park:

Guests Mike and Ann are interested in making Aspen Park a dedicated biking trail. Located in the village of Gaylord, the existing trail system all falls within village property.

No talks have been initiated with village officials yet but they have a cadre of volunteers ready to work.

They described the trail system has having a good canopy, not much in the way of sand and a nice mix of short punchy hills and switchbacks.

They also want to have fat biking available in the winter months. 

Board advised them to get with village and lay out their plans for all season use.

Also was encouraged to team with a local brewery, bike shop or both to spur interest and have numbers in backing the plan.

Tim R. suggested they look at Glacial as a model not only in trail make up but to form a group as well. Suggested name was “Friends of Aspen Park”.


Kim informed the board that donations along with registrations for TCTF were very strong. Talk of some people signing up for the race/tour but having no intention of participating due to conflicts. But still wanting to support NMMBA.

All TCTF sponsors have paid their fees.

Bike Leelanau(BL) has a successful day at their skills clinic that was held at Palmer Woods. Enough money was taken in to more than compensate the two instructors.

Switching back to TCTF, Kim had contacted Melody in regards to collecting monies for beer. The Ranch’s wifi, etc. was not up to speed for various devices so it was mentioned that working off of data would work for this purpose. Because the Ranch wants to keep a tally of meals served, bracelets would be utilized for keeping track of who has purchased meal tickets.

Other financial highlights are that the P&L showed an increase of 19.8% over the last year! The figure represented for the 1st 6 months was $6265.85

Checking account balances for Bear Claw Epic was $22,785.29 while the combined account balance for NMMBA and BL was $59,243.02


All permits are in!

Tom informed the board that nearly all volunteer positions had been filled. What positions that did remain however were the sweep duties.

2 to 3 people would be needed to sweep both the 25 and 40 mile routes.

Was suggested to put a call out to all to get these filled.

Matt Hamburg, a TAM(Techniques of Alcohol Management) trained bartender will fill those duties for the TCTF.

It was suggested that beer tickets be sold through the merch tent. Might be able to get some additional merch sales this way.

Tom outlined a safety plan associated with the race. All area 911 offices have a trail map with mileage markers indicated on the map. The mileage markers are color coordinated to match the distances. Yellow for 15, Blue for 25 and Pink for the 40 miler. 

Acme Bike Park:

Tim J. informed the board that the progress towards adding an additional 40 acres to the project is still flatlining. Chris Kushman from TART will take the lead on further talks.

Grants, donations, etc have brought the total monies generated to $30,755.00. 

An initial work bee is slated for this Saturday the 13th from 8 am until noon. Light clearing will be done. No chainsaws are to be allowed at this time.

Tim J. brought up that a group will be needed to be in charge of all finances. TART had agreed to be this entity. Some discussion followed as to if the Olson grant had any restrictions attached and whether our contribution would be spent without our input.

Tim J. assured the board that all expenditures would be okayed. 

Discussion was then directed towards a name for this project. Seems that a lot of trail names, projects have the name VASA attached. Vasa 25K, Vasa Singletrack, Vasa Pathway, etc.

Branding it with the Acme name attached might bring a sense of ownership to the township.


Steve broached the subject of NMMBA, while a big contributor to the TCTF weekend might put some dollars behind the Jack Kline Celebration to be held on Sunday the 21st.

After some talk John made a motion to split the cost of the main building use with McLain’s. Each paying $225 dollars. With a 2nd from Tim R. and a unanimous vote it was done.

Lastly the talk turned to Cody Sprattmoran’s email advocating for less Summer meetings and trying to accomplish board business through online channels.

Talk of actual dialogue being more spontaneous and promoting a healthier back and forth discussion and also making others aware of projects that they may not be involved with was much more acceptable.

It was determined that meetings were important and needed to be held regularly.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Submitted by

Steve Mentzer, secretary