NMMBA Vasa Grooming Report

Report: Vasa Special

Date: 2/8/19

Time: 10:30p

NWS Forecast here.

Fat Bikers,

Get off your buts and come out and join in the fun. NMMBA groomers have been dialing the course and will finish up about 9:30am tomorrow, just in time to setup for the race. Please stay off the trails until the race.

Expect excellent conditions for the race with a firm layer over softer snow. There was a layer of slush under the snow so the snow and ice have bonded and we do not expect to have icy conditions.

On that note we did take out "Ice Road" and shortened the course to 14K. We will have a one lap 14K race for the Short's-n-Fat, with a 3 lap race for the Short's Grand Fat long race.

Have a good race,