NMMBA Grooming Report #17

Report: NMMBA Report #17

Date: 1/15/19

Time: 8:15am

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Traverse City
Trails remain in excellent shape. We will be getting our compaction drag back tomorrow from Brian Barshef of Modified Metals (Thank you Brian) and plan on getting out to smooth out Riley's and other two-tracks. In addition to getting all of our grooming drags back, Duane Archambo is traveling to the Fish and Hunt shop in the UP to trade in the 2015 Skandic and a new 2109 Tundra. Which makes four Tundra sleds between Bike Leelanau, Glacial Hills and Traverse City. Expect excellent conditions heading into the weekend with a little fresh snow. 

Glacial Hills
Patrick is keeping Glacial groomed up with the ATV while their Tundra is being repaired. He will be finishing the entire system today. Expect, excellent riding at Glacial this week and weekend.

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Leelanau State Park
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