Grooming Report #15

Report: NMMBA Grooming Report #15

Date: 1/10/19

Time: 6:50am

NWS Forecast here.

The snow gods have been smiling on Cadillac they have received about 3" of snow. The Polar Bear loop is still manually groomed via bikes, and the machine grooming has been postponed until tonight, hoping the wind dies down.

Fellow fatbikers got out and manually groomed the 4 mile loop starting from trailhead and staying on the east side of Seeley Rd. The manual groom right now is sweet. 

The west side (hillier side) of Seeley Road was last groomed on Saturday. 

Traverse City
We held off grooming yesterday due to low snow. There is significant drifting and deep snow in the open places with a firm base under. We have also had some ATV damage on Riley's and especially the return loop road behind Jackpine along with some damaged and missing signage.  ATV, snowmobiles and trucks have a right to be on these roads. So be aware and listen. If you see someone damaging signs snap a photo.

Mike Coleman and Randy Lyons will be out this evening to groom and do what they can to fix the ruts. Expect excellent conditions this weekend.

XC ski trail - The last groom was on 1/2.  No planned groom due to lack of snow to set tracks. 

Glacial Hills
Will be groomed by tomorrow for the weekend.

Leelanau State Park - Northport
No grooming at this time.