August Board Meeting Minutes

NMMBA Board of Directors Meeting

Date and Location: Wednesday August 8th, 2018 Keen loft

Board Present: Chad Jordan, Kim White, Tim Reicha, Mike Walters, Steve Mentzer & Don Clewley

Board Absent: Tom White, John Roe, Michele Andrews, Dustin Webb & Cotopaxi Sprattmoran.

Guests: Cody Sovis

Chad opened the meeting at 6:33 p.m.

July minutes were approved with a motion by Chad and 2nd by Mike. Unanimous vote.

Financials were presented to the board by Kim.

No formal report given and there were no questions.

Some highlights to point out include a net income through July standing at $14,000.00

NMMBA checking balance is $34,000, BCE balance is $16,800.00.

Kalkaska Update:

We have our route to Sands Lake flagged and 90 % maped, Jeff is working on the last few miles and then we (Jeff Snyder, Jon Throop, Myself) meet with the DNR, trying for the week of August 21st.

·     Jon Throop is just about done with the wayfinding design - waiting on the last gpx file from Jeff.

·     Going to Bid the Last week of August for signage.

·     Need to key the NMMBA board to the fact that our $28,500 signage grant is a reimbursement grant, meaning that we need to spend OUR money and the DNR reimburses that expense, the last date for reimbursement is Sept. 30st. So, we will likely need to tie up a $15-20k for up to 45-90days. 

·     I'll share Jon's design and bid documents once we meet with the DNR.

·     I'll need another person to help with the bid selection process...? 

·    Kim we will need to meet to go over the reimbursement documentation process.

Don submitted the above report but was present to add some other facts.

He recapped the routing updates and had a suggestion from Jeff Snyder to include routing for some alternative routes. Signage budget does not include kiosks. Village of Kalkaska has proposed a trailhead for which they funds earmarked.

 Payment options were discussed; ½ down? More to come from this.


Sales have been brisk. Some sizes in shirts have been exhausted. Latest numbers show 78 shirts, 37 caps and 34 bottles have been sold.

Merchandise sales at TCTF stood at $3085.00!!

There was a call to re-stock merchandise.

Chad motioned with a 2nd by Kim to budget $1500.00 for merchandise.

Unanimous vote.

With several board members absent, committee/trail updates were emailed. They follow.

Cadillac Pathway: Submitted by Michele

BCE plugging along with sponsorships and ordering medals, bibs and all the fine details.  

1.  The architect drawings were submitted to LARA last Monday - FINALLY!

2.  Gift and Acceptance agreement has been signed and submitted to Slavin and he forwarded to Lansing today.  

3.  Since the scope of our project has changed dramatically since my presentation to Rotary back in December I had to make another presentation and update the club on the current status last Tuesday.  They awarded $30,000 last Jan and I just found out today that they are still on board with scope change and will still award us $30,000 

4.  I received the final number on funds raised via the Cadillac Leadership group - $38,000 of which I can use $37,000 towards the pavilion.  they are holding $1,000 for the recognition sign.

5.  Cost of pavilion including permits, architectural drawings, insurance (just estimates as I have never gotten a call back from Gary), all materials, some paid labor, licensed builder fee and miscellaneous is coming in around $50k.  Between Leadership and funds from BCE we have enough to pay for the basic pavilion.  The additional $30k will be spent on fireplace, solar lighting of parking lot, new toilet house, picnic tables, bike racks, ski racks and bike fix it station.  (those are listed in the order of importance and will be purchased until funds run out).  

Bike Leelanau: Submitted by Coti

Bike Leelanau news:

We have received enthusiastic tentative approval to build multi use trails at Provemont Pond, starting with a beginner 1 mike loop this fall. Waiting on a sewer dude to give the final approval, or change the trail route a tiny bit. 

Construction at Palmer Woods is scheduled to begin in the next couple of weeks, we’ll see when it actually does. 

We’ve handed out 43 of the 50 bikes that McLain donated to start a Bike Library for Leelanau County. If you know any other shops looking to donate gently used bikes, please let me know. 

Also will add that Will Harper family foundation donated $5000.00 for a new groomer.

Fat Bike: Submitted by John Roe

Winter items that need to be addressed.

1) Grooming badge program finalized.

2) Purchase badges $350-$500

3) Drag maintenance and upgrades - Mike and John with some outsourcing about $500-1000

4) Skandic repair - hopefully Mike and I can fix it or it could be expensive

5) Trail prep.

6) WST signage with new logo.

7) New trail layout.

8) DNR land-use permit or MOU

About $3000 of the Fatbike fund should be available for Kalkaska signage until reimbursement.

TCTF: Tom submitted this report on TCTF

1)  Based on the financials for TCTF and the experience of the
we want to do it again?  Each board member should vote and express
concerns, etc.

2)  If no, what would replace it?

3)  If yes, I am offering to do the course for next year (see the sheets
handed out at the last meeting).  I will help with all the other
sections....but am not in charge of them.  It would be my suggestion that a
board member lead each section and build a committee beneath them to
execute.  Discussion.

4)  If the TCTF made any money, there are three investments we should
discuss.  1)  2-3 tents (10x10) with our logos.  Two for the aid stations
next year and one for the party area at the end.  2)  I am losing access to
the 8' trailer I have been using.  I recommend NMMBA buy one.  We need one
with a 3500 lb axle.  The size is nimble enough to get into the woods and
strong enough to carry gravel.  3)  We should discuss the GTRLC donation
for this year.  Do we want to do it again?

 Glacial Hills report:

Glacial Sabados (new weekly Norte ride) starts Saturday, Aug 11

·     Glacial hills Challenge Race, Sunday, Aug 19 (some of the NMMBA board is racing and volunteering, thanks!)

·     we have received a $5000 donation to start a challenge fundraiser for an ATV purchase we will promote and run this through August

·     we are struggling to find someone to move the two donated vault toilet/changing room buildings and are asking for our users to be patient with us as we continue to work on the project

·    we are installing an additional trial loop with new signage and asking for feedback as we look to improve wayfinding


Steve was very happy to report that the Dan Morley Hope shirts that were offered for donations brought in more than $1200.00!!

There was other discussions pertaining to TCTF.

Feedback from racers/tourers was very positive. Some wanted shorter distances while others were interested in lengthening the longer distance to 100K

Talk also centered on the venue. Do we continue with Ranch Rudolf? Or look to Timber Ridge or even the GOREC(Greilick Outdoor Center)

Also look at pre-order on merchandise.

Possible changes to course including more opportunities for passing.

All job duties should assigned no later than March.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

Minutes submitted by

Steve Mentzer, secretary