TCTF Recon Ride: Independence Day Tempo


Sorry for the very short notice, but our pals at kolo t.c. are offering YOU the chance to ride the TCTF 25 and make recon rides easier for everyone! 

We have ridden the 40-mile course and have a gpx file available. However, we've yet to ride in the shorter course, but Cody, Dan, and Wes are going to remedy that on the Fourth of July. They'll be leaving from the Muncie Lake Pathway Parking lot, just up the gravel hill from Ranch Rudolf, to put in a 2.5-hour effort over the 25-mile course. It's not a race, but due to time constraints, the goal is to be out of the woods no later than 10 am, which should be plenty doable. 

Make sure you bring water, a flat kit, and a sense of adventure; we've given them the best information possible, as well as made some gentle course markings to make sure they don't miss any important turns and end up in Kalkaska. Wes, for one, has a history of that. However, the course isn't marked, and they'll be relying on their natural woodsman's sense of direction, operating on their deep connection to the forest. Oh, and they have GPS units. 

Who should do the 25-mile route? Everyone! At 25 miles, the distance and expected finish time for the race is right on par with most cross-country mountain bike races. If we were to join something like the Championship Points Series, this is the event we'd have scored for the series because it fits the bill of a traditional XC race; it certainly isn't sandbagging to toe the line in any category! The 40-mile race is geared more for endurance racers looking for a bigger adventure and a long day in the saddle. It's a favorite distance for Lumberjack 100 riders like Beth Collins, for example. 

If you want to join for the recon, make sure you eat your Wheaties and get to bed by 9pm tonight for the 7:30 am roll out tomorrow. You can see ride updates here

Ready to get signed up? Registration is open!