The ReViSiT Ribbon Cutting :: August 9


If you ridden the Vasa Singletrack recently, you've probably noticed plenty of changes and re-routes on Traverse City's most beloved singletrack system. After decades of heavy use, it was time for a refresh; it was time to reViSiT. 

Chad Jordan, Tom White, Mike Walters, and dozens of volunteers worked closely with the DNR and trail users themselves to help make some smart, sustainable changes to the trail in order to enhance the user experience, reduce our impact, and make a trail that requires less work while also holding up to more riding! 

With major changes to the Saplings and less-noticeable changes on other parts of the trail, we've accomplished 99% of what we set out to do. That 1% missing? That's the party to unveil it! 

Nobody knows how to throw a party like the guys at Keen Technical Solutions, and we've tagged in their paella experts to offer up the grub at an historic night on the VST. For the first time ever, the weekly Speed of Light ride is moving to singletrack for the ultimate bragging rights. We're inviting all riders in Traverse City to join us on August 9 at 6 pm for a laid-back but still very fast time trail of the new-look VST! 

Riders will start at 30 second intervals, then 10 second intervals for a full loop of the Singletrack. Bring the kids, too; miniSOL will take on the 3 mile Kinglet Loop as soon as the adults are all off into the woods. 

The full loop is 14 miles long, with the fastest times around 55 minutes, with a 65 minute lap considered very strong. 

No matter how long it takes you, there will be a gigantic pan of paella and free beer from Short's Brewing awaiting your finish. Everyone is a winner when we come together in the woods! 

We'll be joined during and after the ride by representatives from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. The DNR is eager to see the reception of the trail updates and enthusiasm for mountain biking as a whole; the more bikes on hand, the better for the future of the trails! Make sure you show up, bring a friend, and display the inclusive, supportive, and safe riding that makes Northern Michigan the best place to be a mountain biker in the whole state! 

For more details on the ride, as well as a start list, make sure you head over to the event page on Strava, and check back to our Facebook page for more details.