Meeting Minutes: May 9

May 9 2018 Meeting Minutes

Call to Order: Chad Jordan, President 6:36pm

Attendees: Kim White, Tom White, John Roe, Mike Walters, Chad Jordan, Michele Andrews, Tim Reicha, Cody Sprattmoran

Guest: Cody Sovis

Board members absent: Steve Mentzer, Don Clewley, Dustin Webb

• Approval of prior meeting minutes: Tom motion, Kim 2nd - passed

• Wrap-up of MSB- Tom White:

Mostly positive feedback on the course; Tom spent many hours, with a fabulous crew of volunteers, prepping the course and removing snow/ice; Tom also trained a volunteer from Norte on how to mark for a race… many hours; time will tell if he lived/learned. Overall Pro/Elite winner said “best course ridden; had a little bit of everything.”  Announcer (Kerkhof) made several mentions of NMMBA and Tom’s work as well as pushed membership. He joined the night before with a round-up donation; this is progress as he’s been critical of us.

• Formation of the Committee for membership:  Chad Jordan, Kim White, John Roe and possibly other members; will seek volunteers via emails to members

·       Motion to approve $1,500 budget for additional merchandise by Kim; 2nd Tim - Approved

• Formation of the Committee for merchandising: Chad Jordan, Cody Sprattmoran, Tim Reicha; will seek volunteers via emails to members

• Financials- Kim White: All programs have good balances in the bank; Cadillac is starting to spend funds on their pavilion.

• EZ Form- Kim White: Provided for board to review via email; John Roe motion to approve; 2nd by Michele – passed. Kim will e-file the return.

• DNR news – for events of 20/25 people or more which have been publically advertised, regardless of if there’s a fee to participate, local officials have requested a use permit be obtained (can be blanket for recurring rides). This is understood to now include team/shop/club group rides and Speed-of-Light.  The use permit requires insurance. Cody and others to work through this with TART, CCCC and race teams.

·       Important dates:

o   May 12, 9am – Glacial Hills, Bellaire work bee

o   May 19, 10am – Cherry Basket Farm, Omena fundraising bike tour; includes lunch, wine, bread and cider tasting at various stops and dinner including cocktail and wine.

o   May 26, tbd – Cody will create event to share, contest for picking up trash on your local trails

o   May 26-28 – High Country Pathway work bee (Glen Ruczynski and TOMMBA hosting)

·       Traverse City Trails Festival – Tom White

o   Use permit going in next week

o   Will highlight new VST re-routes

o   Working with Ranch Rudolf on food options

o   Working with Norte on kids race, possible Strider bike race for wee ones

o   Has confirmed MC – the other Iceman, Brian Allen (Liz Belt’s hubby, he announces for snow-cross races with 30,000+ attendees as far away as Alaska and Western Canada)

o   Will need NMMBA board and volunteers to help with course marking, day of duties like SAG and search/rescue, aid stations (Kim to cover 1st , 45 North Vineyard taking 2nd and GT Cycles will provide finish line recovery).

o   Massages offered? Kim to check with L&S masseuse, Raina B

·       Strombolis trail proposal update: DNR rejected. Tom will re-submit after creating a new joint proposal with TART; meeting soon to establish trail surface design, trail width and grooming.

·       Bike Leelanau Update – Cody Sprattmoran

o   Palmer Woods (Leelanau Conservancy project) will start August with 1st 3-5 miles on the ground this “season”

o   Echo Valley (NPS/Friends of Sleeping Bear) staying in touch regularly; halted as Friends group had other things come up with SBHT

o   Provement Pond in Lake Leelanau (township) 4 miles by end of summer; starting with an existing trail

o   Herman Park in Suttons Bay (village) looking at pump track for 2019

o   Leelanau State Park working on donations/grants for new grooming equipment; lots of community support, little negative feedback

·       Cadillac Pathway – Michele Andrews

o   Pavilion has a contractor; found local source for white oak (free!) but might be too green to use for Cadillac. “Tears to cheers” in one day for Michele with the issues on getting this project a reality. Gift letter from NMMBA to State still tweaking all the legalese.

·       WST – John Roe

o   TART/DNR wrap meeting done. DNR wants more specific MOU

o   Will work on VST pavilion project

o   End of year survey found little support for a NMMBA combo badge (all groomed trails: CP, WST, GH, LSP)

o   TC Track Club and TART will be meeting re: trail running and possibly winter groomed running trail

·       Communications – Cody Sovis

o   As always, needs our photos of being out on the trails; text or email to him

·       Glacial Hills – Tim Reicha

o   Gravel being set this week for parking lot expansion; material free, but cost to move $6,000

o   Next up, adding vault toilets and changing rooms at both Eckhardt & Vandermark trail heads; done by end of June.

·       ReViSiT – Mike Walters

o   Prepping for MSB took care of a VST re-route

o   TCTF prepping will take care of trouble areas. 

Meeting adjourned 9:12pm                                    

Minutes Submitted: May 12, 2018 Kim White, acting secretary