NMMBA Trail Series Sneak Peek: A Moveable Checklist


Ready to get committed? Good. You'll be reminded every time you take a sip. 

This summer, we're challenging racers, riders, and adventurers alike to step up to the plate. NMMBA helps to maintain some incredible trail systems, and three of those networks are home to their own mountain bike race. Those events not only offer a challenge to riders of all abilities, they help to showcase each trail's unique feel and invite people to experience the communities that support mountain biking. 

The NMMBA Trail Series combines the Traverse City Trails Festival, Glacial Hills Challenge, and Bear Claw Epic in a three-event challenge to YOU. Our new water bottle, while still getting some edits, will remind of your ambitious pledge to tackle all three races, and experience all three trail networks, every time you take a swig of something cool. And those bottles are also useful for post-ride or race recovery, and with the Short's Brewing logo on the side, you'll know what to fill that bottle with! 

We're still playing with some designs, but we think they're turning out nicely.