Leelanau State Park Grooming - Cathead Trail Report 2/3/18


The groomer lives! 

Inner loop is 100% groomed (but not the .5 mile feeder to the parking lot as it is well packed) and the outer loop is 75% groomed as of 3pm. There is one hill I cannot get the groomer drag up, but I got the sled up by itself so at least there is a snowmobile track to ride on for the one section I cannot properly groom. I hit the meadow 3 times, it is well packed and should stay that way unless we get a lot of wind. 

Super bummed out that we cancelled the open house, riding conditions are great (now, sorry I didn’t get out there sooner I was a bit gun-shy after flipping the sled Wednesday), and sorry to the early birds on Saturday, but Sunday should be SUPER! (get it? Super Bowl?).. Come ride, it’s great!!!