A New Look For NMMBA And Our Network Of Trails

We're ready for the big unveil! It's a new year and Northern Michigan Mountain Biking Association is offering a new look! 

The fresh design is a way to give some uniformity and a shared identity for the trails NMMBA helps to maintain and protect all over the region. The branding will help users from all over the Midwest see, enjoy, and appreciate our trails. 

You'll see logos for NMMBA and all of our trails adopt this new design, as well as many trail markers, signage, and branded outlets like Facebook and Instagram. We're excited to help mountain bikers take ownership of our trails and show how we all contribute to the maintenance of non-motorized recreational opportunities. 

You'll see more apparel and logo goods, including hats and sweatshirts, before too long! 

Let us know what you think of the new look!