TC WST Report 2/14/18

Report: TC WST Report # 51

Date: 2/14/18

Time: 7:45am

NWS Forecast here.

Happy Valentines Day,

With the warm weather and low snow conditions I expect the trail to begin to soften by early afternoon. It would be best to ride this morning if you plan on riding the next few days.

We are expected to have only four of the next ten days below freezing so there is a chance if we don't get the very much new snow we could be wrapping up our grooming season.

Since Yeti's Revenge is a winter only trail and we will most likely be down to dirt in spots I am planning to close that section of trail for the year today. I will reopen if we get enough snow and cold weather. Please do not enter the trail after I put tape up.

Happy Trails,