Vasa Race Grooming Report 2/10/18

t's a cold six degrees on the trail tonight as Mike Walters and I groomed after the heavy traffic today. Earlier Heath and Dave went out and dialed in the trail. Due to the continued cold temperatures and dry snow the trail broke down with the heavy use. 

As we groomed tonight the trail was setting up very well, however it breaks down with heavy use. Plan on running low pressure (3-6psi) this weekend for the race  or on post race rides. 

If you are racing tomorrow good luck, Dave Wiens IMBA executive director and four time winner of leadville 100 will be at the awards ceremony and the at Brew from 5:30-7:30p.

We will also be giving him a guided tour of the NMMBA winter trails on Sunday morning. 

Next groom will be right after the race about 5pm, so expect good conditions on Sunday. There is still Vasa ski races on Riley's until about 10 so avoid riding "the hill". until after 10.

Happy trails,