New NMMBA Gear: Show Your Home Trail Pride


Long awaited and highly anticipated, NMMBA logo gear has finally arrived.

We’ve been talking about offering NMMBA gear for a long time now, and just in time for the holidays, we’ve finally made it happen! We just received a fresh shipment of NMMBA hats, t-shirts, and hooded sweatshirts and have them ready to order online.

Each color option is an ode to a different NMMBA trail system. By flashing your Bike Leelanau Blue or Cadillac Pathway Red, you’re showing folks where your home trail is and that you’re one of the hundreds, even thousands of trail users who volunteer, donate, and support these non-motorized recreational destinations. We’ve Glacial Hills Green and NMMBA’s new white-and-black look, too, and the hardest thing about choosing a gift will be knowing which trail they love the most!

Inventory is updated and accurate, so if there’s an item that's getting low, pull the trigger early to make sure you get it in time for the holidays. We’ll also continue to offer our logo gear in-person at events and rides. The next time you’ll see our stuff in the flesh is at our Annual Meeting at Timber Ridge on Sunday, January 6, so if you need anything before then, get on it.

We’re also gearing up big-time for grooming! We’ve gotten plenty of hopefully emails from locals and out-of-towners alike, wondering if any trails in the region have snow. Unfortunately, what little snow we had is largely gone after a warm and rainy weekend; a dusting overnight has us wishing for a lot more. On the positive side, the freezing temperatures all week should help get the ground frozen for the next round of snow, and with a chance of powder near the end of the week, we might have just a little to enjoy heading into Saturday.

If you do plan on hitting the trails, remember that muzzle loader season starts December 7, so wear orange and be smart about where and when you ride. You can expect some fast dirt from the Cadillac Pathway to Glacial Hills, and every singletrack in between! In case you’re looking for a ride to join, Friday Night Lights has kicked off for the season, riding from Timber Ridge at 6:30 each week. Remember to purchase your Timber Ridge pass for just $25 if you have your NMMBA grooming badge!

Grab a shirt, then grab a pal and go ride!