Grooming Report #4

Date: 12/10/18

Time: 3:35

NWS Forecast here.

Well we had a stellar weekend on the Traverse City trails. We groomed almost the entire 22 mile system only leaving loggers run untouched. With the warming weather and the self grooming packing down the summer trench we will be holding off on grooming again until we get a significant amount of snow.

Cadillac, Glacial and Bike Leelanau (Leelanau State Park in Northport) are all waiting to receive more snow also.

My apologies to all of those who purchased badges at Brew and missed this weekends reports.

You can thank Dave Sunset Scott and Chelsea Schlick for poking me to add everyone and removing a couple very large leaning trees from the winter singletrack.

Don't worry about hurting the trails by riding on them there is not enough snow to do significant damage.

Happy trails,