Glacial Hills Grooming Report 1/12/18 (Post thaw)

Report: 9

Date: 1-12-18

Time: 9:00am

Well 50 deg and rain is very stressful for a groomer! But the Glacial Hills fat bike trail survived. Thanks to our amazing group of volunteer groomers and would be trail users who listened to our pleas to stay off the groomed trail during the heatwave. Truly thank you!

Steve braved the treachery of frozen hills and corners from 2am to 5am to compact the trail as it was freezing. About 1" of fresh snow after his groom has made the trail rideable, (it's actually in great shape)! Expect the trail to be very hard, a little crunchy, but slick on hilly corners. Let's face it, we are called Glacial Hills, all of our corners are hilly! We will monitor conditions throughout the weekend and groom again if we receive a few more inches of fresh snow. Until then, we hope that fat bike, snow shoe, and xc ski traffic helps solidify the frozen base.