The Vasa 25km Pathways Make Over

If you've ridden, ran, or walked part of the famous Vasa 25km Pathways, then no doubt you've seen plenty of work being done. NMMBA and TART have teamed up to improve the sustainability of Traverse City's most used trail network. 

Section by section, kilometer by kilometers, NMMBA and TART are reshaping the Pathways to make them hold up to high levels of traffic, heavy rains, and season changes that can deteriorate the trail bed very quickly. We're taking this effort very seriously, and this tough job is overdue! 

We're pretty excited to have the support of TART, led by Chris Kushman. Together, we have access to all the materials we need to fix erosion and sand pits that have gotten deeper and wider over the years. Controlling how the trail handles rain and run off will help keep the trail fast, safe, and fun for riders and trail users of all abilities, and will improve the winter grooming as well! 

This group meets every Wednesday at 4pm at Bunker Hill and will systematically address sections of the trail until it's completed. If you want to participate in large-scale, visible improvements to the trail, join us!