The Traverse City Trails Festival Will Be BACK for 2018!

Great news! After a quick and unanimous vote by the board, you can count on another fun weekend of singletrack from Ranch Rudolf in 2018. 

That’s right! We’re happy to confirm that we’ll be back for the second edition of the Traverse City Trails Festival on July 21 at Ranch Rudolf.

We want to thank everyone for supporting our first-ever race, and we’re extremely happy with the feedback. The venue, the schedule, the course, the markings, the aid stations, and the party after got great reviews. We will be taking another look at how results are handled, but we’re really appreciative that everyone put having a good time ahead of posting a good time on paper.

Based on your responses, we’re going to work on a more diverse and more simple post-race meal option as well, so hold tight on that. We have some great ideas that will turn you afternoon from a “party” to a two-syllable “par-tay”.

We’re going to encourage more people to camp Friday night and consider staying overnight Saturday with us as well. The sleepover options also include very nice rooms at the Ranch, which give you a cozy place to crash and the ability to flip a switch for air conditioning!

We’re going to experiment with the opening 10 miles of the course and attempt to offer more passing options and reduce any backups in tight singletrack in the opening hour of racing.

and we’ll make any arrangements necessary, whether it be local or communications@nmmba.netAnd we are certainly going to promise an improvement in the timeliness and accuracy of the race results. We have a list of people who have different results than what they may have been shown on race day, as well as a list of riders that may not have received their award due to either confusion or just having to take off. If you think you need an award, please email us at pick-up or mailing it.