A Trophy Worth Winning at the Traverse City Trails Festival!

It's coming up so quick! On July 22, join us for the first ever Traverse City Trails Festival. 

There are plenty of opportunities to nab some glory or take it a little easy on the big day. For those really looking to test themselves against the technical, twisting turns of the Pere Marquette Forest, the ultimate confirmation of skill comes in a heavy, custom-branded TCTF trophy. 

We think it's one of the coolest trophies around, but we know of some other cool traditions. 

There are a number of very cool trophies in the world of cycling, and we hope this one becomes one of the most coveted. We made a list of just a few of our favorites.

Brewery Vivant Farmhand Fat Bike Race. Win one of the longest, toughest races in a stacked fat bike season, and you’ve got something that’s both fitting and functional. The Farmhand winner grabs the handle of a shovel! The 3 hour race at Cannonsburg Ski Area, just north of Grand Rapids, is one of the biggest fat bike races in the country and the winner’s shovel was certainly one of the most iconic images.

Your Weight In Beer. Not so much a trophy, but a great reward. This year at the Giro d'Italia, a cafe in Italy offered up 100 beers to the heaviest riders to make it over the Stelvio pass, one of the toughest climbs in the world. The bigger guys have a lot to carry up the famous switchbacks and hairpins, but it's certainly worth it for that much great feer. 

Tro-Bro Leon. This is maybe the best out there. The small race is usually called the baby Paris-Roubaix and takes places in western France. The winner, after surviving gravel roads and cobblestones and 200 kilometers of racing, get handed the normal cash prize. He also gets a more interesting award, a piglet. Yep, they give the winner a pig.

Ready to make a run at the 2017 TCTF trophy? Find out more about the race and get yourself registered at the official website!