We had a blast helping design, clear, mark, and sweep the course this past Saturday! Our own Kim White documented the process from conception to completion, and we'll take you along for the ride. 

See it. Before we get out in the woods, we made a provisional route that balanced fresh sections of singletrack and open trail to allow for plenty of passing opportunities. When you put 800+ people into the woods in 30 minutes, it's important for the health of the race to avoid backups as much as possible. We also examine how much traffic might affect certain sections and remove them if they may become too sandy, loose, or rutted with pre-riding or increased traffic after the race is over. 

Next, we get out there! Our board and PLENTY of volunteers got out to pre-ride the route and begin the process of marking the route. As you know, it really helps to have riders and racers marking a course. They know exactly how hard racers are going and what they're looking for headed toward every intersection. We're proud to say that everyone was on course! 

We even got in on the action! Steve Mentzer and Mike Walters were out racing with 800+ of their pals and teammates, including Chris Gallagher and Dave Bucholtz!

Then, we sweep! Liz Belt and Chris Wood provided some mechanical support on the Stout course, while Tom White headed back out for another lap after finalizing markings.